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This standing committee of the Academic Senate is committed to seamlessly infusing technology into our college's educational journey, ensuring it underpins and enhances all teaching and learning activities. Focused on proactively identifying and resolving tech-related challenges, embracing and implementing innovative technological solutions, and eradicating any barriers that impede academic success, TAC deeply values collaboration and engagement with faculty and aligns efforts with the Academic Senate Standing Committees. Striving for transparent communication and upholding strict accountability, TAC aims to sculpt a digitally enriched learning environment that naturally integrates into every student and faculty member’s educational experience, ensuring the sustained progression of the college’s pedagogical mission amidst the continuously evolving technological landscape.

  • Committee Charter

    Charge to the Committee
    • Identify and resolve technology related issues that affect the teaching and learning process.
    • Identify, test, and implement innovative technology solutions that support effective teaching pedagogies.
    • Identify and remove technology barriers to student success.
    • Engage in dialog and collaborate with faculty consumers of technology to advance the teaching and learning mission of the college.
    • Collaborate with Academic Senate Standing Committees on issues related to technology.
    • Effectively communicate updates, as needed, about technology items related to continuous improvement of student learning.
    • Regularly report the TAC Committee's progress to the Academic Senate, retain committee approved meeting minutes, and maintain a representative membership.
    • Co-Chairs (An administrator and a faculty member at least one who shall be an Academic Senator)
    • 70% faculty (full-time and part-time continuing contract status [not just Senators])
    • A minimum of one Academic Senator from each of the four academic divisions.
    • Members from each of the following Divisions
      • Arts & Sciences
      • Health & Human Services
      • Technical Careers
      • Community Education and Workforce Development
      • Information Technology Services
      • Center for Teaching Excellence
      • eLearning
      • Student Representative (Preferred)
    • Ex-officio Members
      • Academic Senate President per Senate Bylaws
    • Resources
      • IT Subject Matter Experts
      • Center for Data Sciences
      • Academic Affairs
      • Student Affairs
    • A member should not miss more than 2 meetings per academic year
    Member and Co-Chair selection

         Will be appointed under the direction of the Executive Committee.


         No term limits


         No rotation required

    Charter Approval

    The above Technology Across the Curriculum Committee charter was approved by the Academic Senate on ????; revised November 3, 2023.

  • Committee Members

    Bruce Farris, Co-Chair (Faculty)
    Chemistry, Arts & Sciences 

    Bill Garlick, Co-Chair (Administrative)
    Chief Information Officer, Information Technology

    Justin Barnaby (Administrative)
    Director, IT Infrastructure

    Andrew George (Subject Matter Expert Resource)
    Center for Student Access, Student Affairs

    John Hendzel (Subject Matter Expert Resource)
    System Administrator, ITS

    Jennifer Hilker (Faculty)
    Kinesiology/Health/Wellness, Health & Human Services

    Dan Holt (Faculty)
    English, Arts & Sciences

    Susan Jepsen (Faculty)
    Nursing, Health & Human Services

    Megan Lin (Faculty)
    Director, Center for Teaching Excellence

    Jim Luke (Faculty)
    Economics, Arts & Sciences

    Robin McGuire (Faculty)
    Biology, Arts & Sciences

    Christopher Richards (Subject Matter Expert Resources)
    CMS Instructional Design, Multimedia, & Technology Specialist, eLearning

    Melissa Scenga (Support)
    Administrative Assistant, Information Technology

    Paul Schwartz (Administrative)
    Information Security/Records Mgmt., ITS

    Joann Silsby (Faculty)
    Computer Information Technology, Technical Careers

    Marc Smyth (Subject Matter Expert Resource)
    Manager Classroom Services, ITS

    John Szilagyi (Subject Matter Expert Resource)
    Director, Library

    Mark Tesone (Subject Matter Expert Resources)
    Director, Enterprise Systems-ITS

    Director, Technology Support Services - ITS

  • Meetings & Reports

    All meetings of the Technology Across the Curriculum (TAC) are open to the public. The AY23-24 meeting dates are listed below and meet through WebEx. Please contact the Committee Chair, or contact the Academic Senate's Secretary for information.

    Fall 2023
    • September 8, 2023
    • October 6, 2023
    • November 3, 2023
      WebEx - 11:10am-12:00pm
    • December 1, 2023
    Spring 2024
    • January 12, 2024
    • February 9, 2024
    • March 22, 2024
      WebEx - 11:10am-12:00pm
    • April 5, 2024
      WebEx - 11:10am-12:00pm
  • Reports to the Academic Senate

    The Task Log lists "active" and "completed" topics and related meeting notes that the Committee addressed over a period of time.

    Task Log

Archived Meeting Minutes

Contact the Provost

Administrative Building at LCC

Administration Bldg, Room 301

Sally Welch
Phone: (517) 483-1725

Laura Medina
Executive Assistant to the Provost
Phone: (517) 483-1725
Fax: (517) 483-1845


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