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Lansing Community College has many Registered Student Organizations (RSO) each semester to choose from; there is something for everyone! RSOs cover a wide range of topics and interest areas, including but not limited to: academic, business, environmental, international, political, racial/ethnic, religious, women's interests and sports. The Student Life Office officially recognizes these organizations through an annual registration process. Once registered, RSOs can plan and sponsor activities on campus, apply for funding, and participate in events.

To be officially recognized as a student organization at Lansing Community College, the following would need to be submitted:

Registered Clubs & Organizations
African Student Union

The purpose of this club is to offer a safe space for meaningful conversations, workshops, and community events that celebrate diversity of culture and perspectives.


Tim Deines
Willie Davis

American Marketing Association

The mission of LCC's American Marketing Association (AMA) is to provide professional development, social interactions and networking events that create connections and real-world business experience for our members. AMA accomplishes this with the support of the local business community by organizing events and learning about best practices and creative strategies for modern American marketing.


Dan Mulligan

Anthropology/Sociology Club

The Anthropology and Sociology Club is committed to cultivating a community of global-minded individuals and socially conscious learners who value cultural diversity. Through social events, field trips, and collaborative projects, our goal is to create an inclusive space for students who are passionate about anthropology and sociology, where they can connect, collaborate, and grow together. We embrace the values of respect and empathy.


Kali Majumdar

Art Club

Assists student members in their growth and awareness of art and create a better understanding of art.


Susan Hardie
Laura Bishop
Jacob Pierzchala

Artificial Intelligence Club

The AI Club promotes literacy in Artificial Intelligence at LCC, develops Artificial Intelligence techniques and fosters scientific study and research in the field of Artificial Intelligence.


Adam Richardson

Construction Club

Helps build and enhance construction related knowledge and skills, to further prepare students for their future careers. The Construction Club will accomplish this with networking events and possible volunteering opportunities.


Scott DeRuischer

Cru Club

The purpose of Cru is to build movements of people who are transformed by Jesus Christ. The student-led movements seek to introduce students to Christ, help them to grow in faith, encourage them to passionately live life in a manner consistent with belief in the God of the Bible, and inspire commitment to advancing the purposes of God in the world.


Eric Bennett

Disability Advocacy Club

The mission of this student organization is to highlight, uplift and support those with disabilities.


Frank Taylor

Gamma Iota Sigma Club

Provides a path to become a well-rounded professional by preparing students for a career within the vast and ever growing insurance industry to insure opportunities for all.


Mary Stucko

Global Student Club

The mission of this student organization is to create a global community where LCC students from around the world can connect and share cross-cultural perspectives and experiences. Global Student Club activities and events will promote awareness and increase understanding of the cultural diversity in our LCC college community.


Cindy MacKersie
Courtney Crivelli

Hall Of Heroes Club

This student organization gives students a safe space for learning and playing table top roleplaying games, while meeting new individuals and having a fun time.


Alix Davis
Andy Miller
Elliot Lowe
Aubrey Johnson

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

The InterVarsity Christian Fellowship helps to deepen and strengthen the spiritual life of student members.


Julie Ruark

Intro To Computer Science And Coding Club

The purpose of this club is to introduce and teach students how to code and builds community for students interested in computer science.


Thamira Hindo

Japanese Club

Provides an outlet for developing a knowledge of Japanese culture and language. Encourages the study of Japanese culture and language at LCC and presents related activities and events.


Anne Hooghart
Bridget Cooper


The mission of this student organization is to raise awareness of LGBTQIA2S+ issues and to advocate for the safety and inclusion of all students through discussions, community-building, ongoing development, and grassroots organizing.


Tara Hardy
Lucas Van Duyne

Math And Computer Science Club

Our club teaches the possible uses of esoteric mathematics and computer technologies while facilitating a local professional and social community of like-minded STEM enthusiasts.


Jennifer Flenner
Justice Odiase

Medicine Without Barriers Club

This society promotes scholarship, cultivates fellowship among the students of LCC, encourages and provides the structure for cultural service pursuits.


Arthur Wohlwill

Native American Student Association

Promotes Native American cultures for the further advancement of their natural heritage’s to include but not exclusively, art shows, literature, pow-wows, fiestas, and potlucks; in support of the educational goals and objectives of LCC.


Eva Menefee

Phi Theta Kappa

This society promotes scholarship, cultivates fellowship among the students of LCC, encourages and provides the structure for cultural service pursuits.


Taylor Stevens
Lazarius Lane

Photography Club

The LCC Photography Club offers and promotes photography in a group experience to students interested developing their creative skills. The club also promotes better professional and social relationships with other photographers.


Ike Lea

Political Science Student Association

Promotes thoughtful, respectful discussion, debate, conversation, and learning about political science and engagement. It also exists to promote career opportunities for its members in political science and related fields.


Mike Giles

Psychology/PSI Beta Club

The Psi Beta/Psychology Club encourages professional development and psychological literacy of students through generating interest in psychology, promotion and recognition of excellence in scholarship, leadership, research, and community service.


Diane Snyder

Sign Language Club

Promotes the needs and goals of people who want to upgrade their sign language skills.


Monique Franks-Balcarcel

Spanish Club

The mission of this student organization is to have fun while inspiring diversity through connections with the local Spanish-speaking community while expanding our knowledge of and celebrating the Spanish language and cultures.


Julie Gloss

Student Nurses Association

The Student Nurses Association enhances the development of the student as a nursing professional, encourages networking with other health professionals and increases public awareness of the nursing profession.


Tami Tasker

Vinyl Record Club

The Vinyl Record Club connects with students through the power of music; with an emphasis on sharing vinyl record collections, favorites and information, as well as turntable operation and maintenance.


Sarah Eubanks

Write Club

The mission of this student organization is to generate, workshop, and appreciate creative writing (fiction, poetry, and creative non-fiction) and investigate modes and models for publishing.


Annie Schnarr
Tara Hardy

Student Leadership Academy

The Student Leadership Academy is a unique leadership development and two-year community service scholarship program that aims to produce highly-skilled and experienced graduates in the areas of leadership and service.

A student leads another in studying
  • Covers a maximum of six semesters over a period of two consecutive years
  • Up to $2,120 in tuition and fees each fall and spring semester
  • $567 for an optional summer semester (at least three approved credits required)

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The Lookout - Student Newspaper

Students interested in journalism experience as reporters, photographers, artists, cartoonists and/or advertising sales representatives have the opportunity to work for The Lookout, Lansing Community College's student newspaper.

The Lookout, first published during the 1959-60 school year, is an award-winning publication on both the state and national levels.

For past articles and more details, visit The Lookout online.

The Lookout

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Get in the Game

Our athletic teams compete for national championships, win conference and regional tournaments, and play against top NJCAA programs.

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