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Lansing Community College has over 500,000 alumni. Are you an alumni? Whether you earned a degree, certificate, or simply enrolled in one class, you are considered alumni.

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You can start a scholarship and make a gift that creates a legacy of learning.

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Generous donors like you support over $200,000 in program requests every year.

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Support the Alumni Committee

A group of dedicated alumni help with:

  • Planning special events
  • Nominating alumni for the annual Distinguished Alumni Award
  • Welcoming graduates with a free gift at Commencement
  • Encouraging alumni to support student scholarships and College programs.

Alumni StarCard and Campus Benefits

Whether you earned a degree, certificate, transferred or completed one class, you are considered alumni and are eligible for an Alumni StarCard.

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Let us know how LCC helped you achieve your professional, personal or academic goals.

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Volunteer to read scholarship applications

We expect over 1,400 students to apply and we need a diverse group of thoughtful and committed volunteers to review applications. 

Scholarship reviews happen during February of each year. The process is completely online. The Foundation supplies online training, a scoring rubric and an easy to use system to complete your reviews.

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The LCC Distinguished Alumni Award honors outstanding alumni

Awards are made based on distinction in the nominee's field and their service to the community.

Distinguished Alumni

Alumni Committee

Questions about an Alumni StarCard? Email or visit Alumni StarCards for more information.

Contact the Alumni Committee at

Cathy Zell
Executive Director
LCC Foundation


Melissa Nay
Greater Lansing Convention & Visitors Bureau

Jay de los Reyes
McLaren Greater Lansing

Tony Willis
Lansing Economic Area Partnership (LEAP)

Rhonda Jones
Lansing Board of Water & Light

Chelsea Roberts
Truscott Rossman

Ashley McClure
Rathbun Insurance

Victoria Meadows
Capital Area District Libraries

Bill Motz
Retired Lansing Community College Faculty


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