Lansing Community College

Statements of Purpose consist of the College’s Vision, Mission, Motto, and Guiding Principles:


Serving the learning needs of a changing community.


Lansing Community College provides high-quality education ensuring that all students successfully complete their educational goals while developing life skills necessary for them to enrich and support themselves, their families, and their community as engaged global citizens.


Where Success Begins

Guiding Principles

  1. LCC will be a “Comprehensive Community College,” focused upon offering learning opportunities in four areas: career and workforce development, general education, developmental education, and personal enrichment.
  2. LCC will have a careers emphasis and, in support of this, maintain a technology-rich environment, fostering “user-” vs. classroom-level information technology skills.
  3. LCC will maintain and support a well-qualified, committed, and competitively compensated faculty and staff who use both proven traditional and progressive student-centered learning approaches.
  4. LCC commits to continuous improvement in its programs and services and will maintain high expectations of its students.
  5. LCC will be flexible, affordable, and accountable, continuously improving student learning and support services through the assessment of measurable outcomes.
  6. LCC will strive to be “state of the art” in all that it does, while pursuing a select number of cutting-edge initiatives.
  7. LCC will have a local emphasis in allocating its resources, while maintaining vital connections to the world, culturally and technologically.
  8. LCC, within its broader purpose of serving its entire community in diverse ways, recognizes a special responsibility to young adults, those from lower income brackets, and those requiring developmental academic or entry-level career skills.
  9. LCC seeks cooperative relationships with both private and public organizations, pursuing growth not as an end in itself but only when it best serves student and community needs.
  10. LCC will prepare those it serves to thrive in a diverse world by reflecting that diversity in its student enrollment, staffing, planning, and allocation of resources.
  11. LCC will manage its finances in a responsible manner; allocating resources and achieving efficiencies to best serve the priority needs of its students and the taxpayers who support its operation.
  12. LCC is a dedicated community member working for the betterment of all.

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