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Student Refund and Payment Plan Services through TouchNet

Lansing Community College has partnered with TouchNet so students receive enhanced integrated services including direct deposit of student refunds and real-time payment plans. All students are required to sign into their Self Service Page and select their refund preference to securely receive all refunds.

Select your Refund Preference with TouchNet. Follow These user guides for assistance.


Please contact the Student Finance Office at 483-1272 Option 3 or

Tuition Rates & Fees

Tuition rates vary depending on a specific course, a student's residency status, or a senior citizen status. Both tuition rates and fees and are determined by the LCC Board of Trustees. Please visit Tuition & Fees to view the current rates and more information on how your tuition is assessed.

Payment Information

Tuition and fee payments may be paid in full or set up to be paid incrementally through a payment plan. Students may enroll in one of multiple payment plan options through their Self Service Account and TouchNet. Students not paying tuition and fees in full, who receive financial aid, or receive assistance through a third party will need to establish a Deferred Payment Plan. Those receiving assistance through a Third Party (not financial aid) will need to submit an authorization form to the Student Finance Office. See the Payments page to find which payment date affects you.

Student eRefunds PLUS

All LCC refunds are issued electronically via ACH, for students age 18 and over. Students can choose their refund preference. Please visit our Refunds page for more information.

Student eRefunds PLUS FAQ about Student eRefunds PLUS

Drop for Non-Payment:

**ALL students, including financial aid students, MUST select one of the available payment options to avoid being dropped from courses. Available payment options include:

  • Pay in full
  • Sign up for an installment payment plan (available to all students)
  • Sign up for a Deferred Payment Plan (available to select students meeting specific criteria only)
  • Third Party Payor - Submit an authorization form to the Student Finance Office if you are being sponsored by an employer/company, high school, or agency. Students who wish to utilize MET (Michigan Education Trust) must indicated intent in writing to LCC each semester prior to any due dates to prevent from being dropped for non-payment. NOTE: Students must submit a new authorization form each semester. Failure to provide an updated letter or form may result in your classes being dropped for non-payment.
  • Beginning Summer 2018, Employees and Dependents utilizing any Employee Tuition Waiver will be expected to secure their classes by paying for all tuition and fees or enrolling in a payment plan by the due date listed on the Student Schedule Bill. Remember to check your Self Service Banner account for any updated statements.

**It is the students responsibility for dropping all courses they do not plan on attending!

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