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Unpaid Balance/Financial Holds

If you are unable to register for classes or view your grades, you probably have a "hold" on your account which prevents you from accessing your account. Your "hold" may be due to an unpaid balance.

Common reasons for unpaid balances:

  • Financial Aid reduced or reversed
  • Failure to pay the balance of your Payment Plan on time
  • Classes added after 100% refund date but not paid for (or not dropped)
  • Withdrawing from class(es) after 100% refund date
  • Third Party Authorization reversed

If you have paid your past due balance online but still cannot access your account, call the Student Finance Office 517-483-1200 option 3. We will review your account and release your hold if the balance is paid in full.

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IMPORTANT - Your unpaid balance will not go away on its own. You must take the steps necessary to resolve it before it goes into Collections.

Contact the Student Finance Office to resolve your delinquent balance, set-up payment arrangements and avoid further collection action, and discuss your financial difficulties and recommend repayment options.

Repayment Agreement - (This is not the same as a payment plans for current semester balances.)

Students wanting to request a re-payment agreement for a past due balance must contact Student Finance for a review of your eligibility and payment details. Students may still not be permitted to enroll in future semesters until all balances are paid in full and all account holds resolved.


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