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Dual Enrollment provides a fun opportunity for qualified high school students to earn college credit while working towards their high school diploma. Dual enrollment lets students receive educational advancement in areas where the student's interest is displayed (especially in courses and academic areas not available in the student's high school), and for those interested in earning college credit while still in high school.

Parents and students alike love the affordability of Dual Enrollment classes, due to the fact that many high school districts pay for a portion to all of the classes the student takes. Check with your high school's counselor for more information. As it is at the participating student's high school's discretion to grant high school credit for classes done at LCC, it is highly recommended to work with your school counselor when picking out your classes at LCC.

College courses earned at LCC are eligible to transfer to many other colleges and institutions. Though some colleges/universities may not accept college credit for college courses used to meet high school graduation requirements, the courses that a student takes at LCC will help them achieve their long term educational goals. Transfer Equivalencies and Michigan Transfer Agreement.

Your issuing institution may send your transcript electronically via Clearinghouse Electronic Exchange, Parchment, eSCRIP, or email

As only the student can register themselves in a class by completing the dual enrollment form (the high school can't register a student and the college can only do it with the student submitting their dual enrollment form), LCC offers walk-throughs over the phone and assistance in person to help the student learn how to add and drop classes by completing their dual enrollment form. Students are also encouraged to work with their high school counselors when selecting courses to register for. As students are responsible for dropping unwanted classes and being aware of the refund dates, it is strongly recommended to speak with your high school counselor before dropping a course. NOTE: Students will fill out a dual enrollment approval form for both adding and dropping a course, as LCC will complete the student's registration upon the student's parent/guardian and high school counselor approving the registration activity.

Do not depend on being dropped for non-payment or non-attendance to avoid outstanding balances or failing grades.

For more information, please download our High School Dual Enrollment Processes & Tips guide and check out our Frequently Asked Questions.

Eligibility Requirements for High School Dual Enrollment

Applicants must:
  • Be working toward high school graduation requirements
  • Have completed the 8th grade by the first day of the semester attending classes at LCC
Priority Dual Enrollment Document Submit Date By Semester
  • Five business days before the class being requested starts.

Steps for Success

  • step 1 icon

    Apply to LCC

    Apply online or meet with your high school counselor to receive in-person assistance with the application.

    Dual enrolled students will apply as "High School Student (Age 14+)"

    What you will need:

    • Your Permanent Address
    • Contact Information (i.e. phone number, email)
    • Education History
    • Intended Program of Study
    • Social Security Number (Note: This is required for Financial Aid after you graduate high school)

    Apply Now

    a starzone staff member at the front desk helping a student over the counter
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    Activate Your Account

    Now that you're in, activate your LCC account to get access to your email and important information from the College.

    To activate your account, you will need the LCC Student ID number you received after you applied. This number will be emailed to the email you provided on your application within 24 hours of your application being processed.

    Activate Your Account

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  • step 3 icon

    Establish Placement Levels

    Placement levels (and sometimes, prerequisite courses) are required in order to register for classes. There are a few ways you can establish levels:

    1. 1. Upload your SAT/ACT scores and/or high school transcripts and email them to or LCC also accepts PSAT scores. Note: High school transcripts can only be accepted for high school seniors during their second semester or third trimester of their senior year.
    2. 2. If you are not able to access any of the above documents, you can take our placement tests. Please visit testing services for more information.

    Testing Services

    Students Taking Assessment Testing
  • step 4 icon

    Fill Out and Submit Your Dual Enrollment Approval Form

    High school and home-schooled students are required to complete and submit the online High School Dual Enrollment Approval Form. A completed approval form must be submitted for each semester as the form is used to register the student for their desired course(s).

    If a student's high school is paying for the classes, billing information and what classes the school is covering must be included on the form at the time of submission.

    Students will submit the Dual Enrollment Form in order to drop or add a course. Please allow a minimum of 5 business days for processing. Students who do not meet the requirements for the course(s) being asked for will be denied.

    Note: Students will need to have completed steps 1-3 in order to submit this form. Students who have not completed steps 1-3 will have their form denied.



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    Orientation (Optional)

    You may attend an optional orientation session in August to learn about your experience, responsibilities, and resources as a dual enrollment student at LCC.


    You will learn about:

    • The differences between high school and college
    • LCC resources including advising and tutoring
    • Student records
    • Technology
    • Financial responsibility
    Questions about Orientation

    Contact LCC's K-12 Operations at or at 517-483-1413.

    Orientation Video
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    Complete a Release of Information Form (Optional)

    The Release of Information form is located at the Registrar's Forms page. This form is completed entirely online. To ensure a higher level of security for our student's, the Release of Information form is requiring students to provide their designees':

    • Full Name (first, middle initial, and last)
    • Relationship to the Student (Mom, Dad, Parent, Sibling, etc.)
    • Date of Birth
    • A student selected 5 number/letter PIN (This number should be the same for each designee)

    This information will be required and verified (including the PIN) when their designee calls on the student's behalf.

    Release of Information Form

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Students in calssroom

Dual Admissions

On our main campus, visit the one-stop center for admissions, enrollment, registration, academic advising, and counseling.

Main Campus
Gannon Building, StarZone
Phone Number: 517-483-1413

Monday-Tuesday 8 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Wednesday-Thursday 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Friday 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.