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LCC is pleased to offer eRefunds PLUS through TouchNet which can be accessed through myLCC and Banner. Direct deposit is the fastest and most secure way for students to receive their refunds. LCC students will have full control of their refund profile and may add, delete, or change the bank accounts as they see fit. LCC will not share any personal information with TouchNet, the student will input the necessary information to set up their refund preference.

All LCC students will need to select an eRefund PLUS preference in TouchNet.

eRefunds PLUS

eRefunds PLUS is easy, fast, and convenient for students. They will set up secure, online refund profiles (bank accounts to receive disbursements); receive emails when a distribution is pending and notification emails when a deposit has been made.

Sounds good, what's next?

Please ensure that your student profile with LCC is up-to-date

**Please ensure that your student profile with LCC is up-to-date including your phone number, address, and date of birth to enable selection of your refund preference and/or receive your refund check . You may view and update your student profile in Banner Self-Service by signing into myLCC.

  1. Students should have their nine digit bank routing number and their bank account number available.
  2. Sign in to myLCC, Banner - Student and select "Student Finance/TouchNet." After the TouchNet portal opens, select the eRefunds tab.
  3. Enter and confirm the bank account information to set up which account you would like the refund deposited to.


Refund Process

Refunds are automatically generated for students who have a credit (negative) balance on their student account. Refunds are issued to students for a variety of reasons including disbursement of financial aid, dropped courses, and/or when out-of-pocket payments exceed the cost of a student's tuition and fees.

All LCC refunds are issued electronically from LCC through ECSI and the TouchNet. You must choose a refund preference**

If you have any questions about the student refund policy, please contact Student Finance at 517-483-1272 option 3.

Please see important dates for financial aid refund dates.


*Students who are under the age of 18 will be mailed a check for any refunds, to the address that is on file with the college.

**If no refund preference is set up, a check will be mailed to the student's address that is on file with the college.

***Parent borrowers of Federal Direct PLUS Loans who do not sign the authorization to release funds to their student will be issued a paper check by LCC for excess Parent PLUS Loan funds.


Please contact the Student Finance Office at 483-1272 option 3.

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