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LCC offers tuition waiver benefits to eligible employees and their family members, encouraging the importance of education and professional development. Each semester, eligible employees and their eligible family members may request the waiver to be applied to credit and/or non-credit courses, including youth programs.

Tuition Waiver Employee Quick Steps

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    Earn Credits

    Eligible employees can earn Tuition Waiver credits based upon their affiliated union contract. See the Tuition Waiver Credit Availability section for more details.

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    Enroll Dependents

    If your IRS spouse or dependent is eligible and plans to utilize your earned Tuition Waiver credits, you must enroll them in the benefit with Human Resources. See the Eligibility section for more details.

    If you are an employee and only utilizing earned credits for yourself, skip this step and proceed to Step 3.

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    Register for Courses

    The employee or eligible dependent must register for the course(s), just like a regular student.

    If you are registering for a non-Banner listed non-credit course or a youth camp, skip this step and proceed to Step 4.

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    Request Tuition Waiver

    The employee must complete the Tuition Waiver Request Form for themselves or any eligible dependent before the start date of the requested course. See the Request Forms section for current forms.  Each semester, a separate form must be submitted for each person (eligible employee and/or dependent) requesting waiver credits. 

    Please Note: If you are registering for a non-Banner listed non-credit course or a youth camp, this step, once approved by HR, will lead to enrollment in the course or camp by the sponsoring department. It is highly encouraged to complete this form a couple weeks before the course start date to ensure proper and timely enrollment. The department will contact you with registration details.

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    Secure Payment

    The employee or eligible dependent, even if they plan to utilize Tuition Waiver credits, must confirm their course enrollment and complete the registration process by one of two ways:

    • Setting up the Employee Sponsored Payment Plan
    • Paying in full for the course (tuition cost and all fees). After Tuition Waiver credits are approved and applied to the student's account, Student Finance will refund the cost of tuition to the student's refund designation.


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    For questions on securing payment, please contact Student Finance at 517-483-1200 (Option #3) or

    Please Note: The Tuition Waiver Benefit only covers the cost of tuition charges, so any applicable fees are to be paid for out of pocket. Fees can be paid right away or before the final Payment Plan bill due date (if enrolled in the Payment Plan option). Some non-credit courses and youth camps may not be covered 100% by the tuition waiver benefit. If there is a portion to be paid by the employee out-of-pocket, payment instructions will be included in the registration confirmation email that is sent once the registration process is complete.

Read below for detailed information about this benefit:


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