Lansing Community College Human Resources
Tip 1

Understand how the LCC hiring process works. Because our hiring process is undertaken by groups of managers, faculty, and staff, the process can sometimes be lengthy. Often times, search committees and interview teams may have five or more employees involved. Search committees review all materials that the applicant submits, including resume’, cover letter, credentials (things like educational transcripts, certifications, etc.).

PDF FileGeneral flow of the hiring process at LCC

Hiring Process Chart

Tip 2

To enhance the interview process, the interview team will share the interview questions with you in writing as they ask them to you verbally during the interview. Even with virtual interviews, this is easy for the interviewer to do through "chat" or "share" features of Webex, Zoom, and the like.

Tip 3

Have an idea of the kinds of questions that might be asked. Interview teams work together to build interview tools specific for each position being considered. Typical types of questions asked may include:

  1. LCC will prepare those it serves to thrive in a diverse world by reflecting that diversity in its student enrollment, staffing, planning, and allocation of resources. Describe how you have in your past experience, and/or how you will in your employment with LCC, help to advance this guiding principle.
  2. This position has timelines and deadlines in order to accomplish work. Can you provide us an example, from past work experience, of how you worked on a particularly challenging project, what obstacles you overcame, and how you carried it out?
  3. Do you prefer to be perfect and late, or good and on time? Why?
  4. How have your education and teaching experiences prepared you for this position?
  5. Describe an experience where you have collaborated with others to reach a goal. What was the outcome and what was your part in the problem solving process.
  6. In this position, you will be supervising student employees. Please describe your supervision/management style and give an example that demonstrates your style.
  7. What is one work-related question that you expected us to ask and what would your answer be?
Tip 4

Review the College Vision, Mission, Values and think about how you can contribute. Read information about our College President, Dr. Steve Robinson, and hear some of what drives him as a leader. Get to know about our strong commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion.

Tip 5

Make sure your resume has evidence of the qualifications (education and experience) being asked for in the job posting and job description.

Tip 6

Read the job posting and the detailed job description carefully to make sure it is a good fit for you.

Tip 7

Make sure your cover letter is written specifically for the job you are applying for and provides a good connection between your qualifications and what the College is looking for.

Tip 8

Review information to better understand the history and structure of the College so that you know it is the right fit for you.

Tip 9

Think about what questions you will ask the interviewer(s) when you are interviewed. Remember you are interviewing LCC at the same time they are interviewing you!

Tip 10

Be prepared to 'show your work'. Interview teams will typically ask you role-play type questions and ask you to play the part of the employee in the job for which you are being interviewed. Additionally, interview teams may ask you to arrive early to the interview in order to complete a written assignment before the interview.

Tip 11

Make sure your required documents are uploaded to the section of the application as they are requested. For example, don't upload a copy of your resume under the cover letter.

Tip 12

When you answer questions on the applications make sure to show evidence of those experiences in your resume and cover letter. For example, if you respond to a question that asks about your experience in customer service and you respond with a description of your work experience working at Dart as a Customer Service Representative, make sure your resume shows that you worked at Dart as a Customer Service Representative.


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