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President's Report

The President's Report, submitted monthly to the Board of Trustees, keeps you up-to-date on the work and developments happening across the college.

LCC Alumni Stories with Dr. Steve Robinson

LCC Alumni Stories

Dr. Robinson goes one-on-one with our Alumni to find out what they've been up to since leaving LCC, learn what inspires them and how they are paying it forward.

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President's Blog

Dr. Robinson's monthly blog covering current events, trends and changes in higher education, what's next at LCC and more.

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Teachable Moment

A podcast-style interview program about LCC people, the cool and interesting stuff they know and how those ideas apply to daily life.


The brilliant "Don't Get Vaccinated" campaign by @booneoakley reminds me of my all-time favorite: the risky, edgy 2…

Last night the @LCCStars Board of Trustees adopted a Resolution to Support the use of Land Acknowledgement and to C…

I just posted my 2,001st photo to my @instagram account. My IG is about 85% @LCCStars and 15% bikes, pizzas, histor…

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