Lansing Community College

Bike Around Downtown with Dr. Robinson

Meet us at the Granger Clock Tower on Wednesdays for a biweekly ride along with Dr. Robinson and the LCC Community. This safe, fun and social ride goes through Downtown Lansing and Old Town! The ride begins and ends at the Granger Clock Tower, located near the intersection of Shiawassee Street and Washington Avenue. We meet at 6:00 pm. All are welcome!

Upcoming Rides

Jul Fri 15
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Did You Know?

Cycling improves mental well-being

You can strengthen your immune system by cycling

Cycling promotes weight loss

Cycling builds muscle

You can enjoy second breakfasts after cycling

Cyclists have better lung health

Cycling cuts heart disease and cancer risk

Cycling is low impact

Cycling saves time

Cycling improves navigational skills

Cyclists sleep better

Cycling boosts your brain power

Cycling improves spacial awareness

You can grow your social circle through cycling


Pedal With the Prez Route

This is a ride, not a race so please make sure to ride at a rate that is appropriate to your training and health level.

Leg 1: LCC Granger Tower to REO Town
1 / 3LCC Granger Tower to REO Town
Leg 2: REO Town to Turner Dodge House
2 / 3REO Town to Turner Dodge House (with an ice cream detour)
Leg 3: Old Town to LCC Granger Tower
3 / 3Old Town to LCC Granger Tower