Lansing Community College

This standing committee provides input of student voices and experiences to the Academic Senate. 

  • Committee Charter

    Charge to the Committee
    • Provide input to the Academic Senate on decisions that impact students.
    • Advise the Academic Senate regarding the effect of the college's operations and policies on students.
    • Establish effective strategies for collecting representative information on the student learning experience at LCC.
    • Analyze and share this information with the subcommittees of the academic senate as well as the academic senate at large.
    • Interact directly with student populations.
    • Collaborate with Academic Senate Standing Committees to address issues that impact students.
    • Collaborate with Office of Diversity and Inclusion, Academic Success Coaches, Student Affairs, eLearning, and the Director of Student Life.
    • Regularly report to the Academic Senate on progress, retain committee approved meeting minutes, and maintain a representative membership.
    • The Chair must be an Academic Senator who is also a member of the faculty.
    • A Vice-Chair, if needed, will be appointed under the director of the Executive Committee from amongst the membership of the committee.
    • A minimum of 2 Academic Senators. 
    • Minimum of 6 other college personnel
    • Minimum of 8 students from the areas listed below
    • All students are welcome. We strive to have representation across the college; students from diverse academic programs and demographics will be invited.  Student members from each of the following areas
      • Arts & Sciences
      • Health & Human Services
      • Technical Careers
      • Veteran's Affairs
      • CCLC - Cesar Chavez Learning Center
    • Ex-officio Members
      • Academic Senate President per Senate Bylaws
      • Representation from Office of Diversity and Inclusion
      • Athletic Director
      • Director of Student Life
      • Dean of Student Affairs
    • A member should not miss more than 2 meetings a semester
    Member and Co-Chair selection

         Will be appointed under the direction of the Executive Committee

    • A term of one year for students (renewable for one additional year)
    • No term limits for faculty and staff.
    Charter Approval

    The above Student Advisory Committee charter was approved by the Academic Senate and revised November 3, 2023.

  • Committee Members

    Elizabeth Clifford, Chair (Faculty)
    Mathematics Tutor, Learning Commons 

    Fran Krempasky, SAC Subcommittee Chair (Faculty)
    Library Technical Services & System, Student Affairs

    Alex Azima (Faculty)
    Physical Sciences, Arts & Sciences

    Keshava Demerath-Shanti

    Aral Gribble

    Greg Lattig (Administrative)
    Athletic Director

    Ronda Miller (Administrative)
    Dean, Student Affairs

    Paul Palmer

    Baron Pham

    Ashlee Podleski (Administrative)
    Coordinator, Adult Resource Center 
    (Non-Traditional/Special Populations)

    Louise Rabidoux (Faculty)
    Counseling, Student Affairs

    Chris Richards (Administrative)
    Instructional Designer, eLearning

    Andrea Sanchez
    Student Senator

    Joann Silsby (Faculty)
    Computer Information Technology, Technical Careers

    Barbie Staley

    Katina Wulf


  • Meeting Dates & Times

    All meetings of the Student Advisory Committee (SAC) are open to the public. The AY24-25 meeting dates are listed below and meet in person in GB 3246 and online. Please contact the Committee Chair, or contact the Academic Senate's Secretary for information.

    Fall 2024
    • TBA
    Spring 2025
    • TBA

    Fran Krempasky, Joann Silsby, Ashlee Podleski

    Textbook Affordability Initiative

    Alex Azima, Sub-Committee Chair


Archived Meeting Minutes

Contact the Provost

Administrative Building at LCC

Administration Bldg, Room 301

Sally Welch
Phone: (517) 483-1725

Laura Medina
Executive Assistant to the Provost
Phone: (517) 483-1725
Fax: (517) 483-1845


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