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International Forms and Fact Sheets

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have not completed high school. Can I still apply?

A: Must be 18 years of age at the time your first semester of attendance begins. However, you may apply up to one year in advance of your planned start date. Submit an official transcript showing the courses you have completed and a letter in English from your school stating that you are currently enrolled and your expected date of completion. You will be required to provide proof of completion when you arrive at LCC.

Q: Can a friend or family member help me apply?

A: Sometimes applicants have a friend or relative in the United States who has agreed to assist them in getting admitted to a U.S. school. If you wish LCC to provide information about your application status or your Form I-20 to someone other than yourself, you must give LCC written permission to do so. If you name a personal representative, you should make sure that the individual has agreed to assist you.

Type or write a letter that provides the name, address and telephone number of your personal representative. The letter should indicate that the person is authorized to act as your personal representative and if they are to receive correspondence regarding your admission application and Form I-20. You must type or print your name at the bottom of the letter as it appears on your application and sign and date the statement.

Authorization for Personal Representative needs to come directly from the student.

Q: Can I get my Form I-20 before I am admitted?

A: Form I-20s are never issued before admission is approved. Form I-20s, in accordance with DHS regulations, are mailed directly to the student unless the student has named a personal representative.

Q: What should I do if I want to change my status to F-1 or M-1?

A: When your purpose for remaining in the United States has changed from your original intention, you will need to request a change of status. 

You must first obtain admission to LCC by following the directions for F-1 or M-1 student visa admission. After admission, an appointment will be scheduled for you to meet with a DSO who will explain the process. Please note that some visa categories are not eligible to change status while in the United States. If you have questions about your particular situation, please contact our office for additional assistance.

Q: Can I get financial aid or scholarships to study at LCC?

A: Very few financial aid opportunities exist for international students to study in the United States at the undergraduate level. LCC offers Foundation scholarships every year for qualified students. For more information, please visit Foundation Scholarships.

Q: Does LCC Offer Housing?

A: LCC does not maintain housing units for students, or enter into third party contracts or supervise off-campus housing. Home stay placements are not arranged by LCC. The Student Life Office offers a housing information service. This service consists of listings from property owners regarding available housing (type, location, cost), and listings from students looking for others to share housing. This information is available at Student Housing.

It is recommended that new students arrive in the Lansing area 1 or 2 weeks before orientation to have adequate time to arrange for housing.

Q: Is Orientation Mandatory?

A: Orientation is a mandatory formal program of introduction to Lansing Community College. Orientation for new international students is held approximately 2 weeks before classes begin. During the orientation program you will receive information about USDHS regulations related to international students, LCC services, academic and program advising. Additional information regarding orientation will be mailed with the acceptance letter.

Q: Can I study online?

A: Students pursuing a program of study that is fully online are not eligible for an F-1 or M-1 visa. There are limitations on online study for F-1 and M-1 students. For clarification, please contact

Q: Can I bring my spouse or children to LCC?

A: The spouse (wife or husband) and children under age 21 of an individual are called dependents. For additional information on bringing dependents to the U.S., please review Fact Sheet #7, Requesting a Form I-20 for Dependents.

Q: Can I get a visa for a certificate program?

A: Certificate programs are only eligible for the M-1 visa. Students with an M-1 visa may NOT change to the F-1 visa to complete their study at the associate degree level without returning to their home country.


The StarZone is home to many student service departments such as admissions, academic advising, financial aid, student finance, testing and more! Visit the CRS in the StarZone for help with admissions, class registration, general financial aid questions and more.

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