Lansing Community College

The first floor of the Washington Court Place houses three departments: Center for Data Science (CDS), Educational Resource Development (ERD), and the Small Business Development Center (SBDC). Also on the first floor are the offices of AARP - a tenant of the college.

The second floor of Washington Court Place is the home of the Financial Services Division. The division includes the Purchasing Department, which has the responsibility and authority to make commitments for purchase; Financial Planning, Analysis and Review is responsible for managing the College's annual budget process; and the Controller's Office. The Controller's Office is comprised of Accounting and Accounts Payable, Payroll, and Grants Accounting.

Services and Locations

First Floor

Center for Data Science

WCP 115

Educational Resource Development

WCP 150

External Affairs & Development

WCP 150

K-12 Operation

WCP 108

Small Business Development Center

WCP 115


Second Floor


WCP 200

Accounts Payable

WCP 200

Chief Financial Officer

WCP 200

Controller's Office

WCP 200

Financial Planning, Analysis and Review

WCP 200

LCC Foundation

WCP 201

Grants Accounting

WCP 200

Payroll Operations

WCP 254

Purchasing Department

WCP 214

Washington Court Place Side Exterior

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