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Built in 1968, Arts and Sciences became the first new building the college constructed to manage with increasing enrollment. Throughout the 2012 - 2013 academic year, the Arts and Sciences Building underwent a complete renovation to enhance learner-centered space. It is an active, engaging, immersive place of teaching, learning, and personal growth that meets the college's current needs and anticipated future needs.

A&S Hallway - One student walking and two students studying together
1 / 12Arts & Sciences Hallway
A&S Divisional Office
2 / 12Arts & Sciences Divisional Office
A&S Hallway
3 / 12Arts & Sciences Hallway
A&S Writer's Walk - Student studying in the Writer's Walk
4 / 12Arts & Sciences Writer's Walk
A&S - The 1,817 mile flight - Man opening door to enter a room
5 / 12The "1,817 Mile Flight" Butterfly display
A&S Lobby
6 / 12Arts & Sciences Main Entrance Lobby
A&S - Native American Art display
7 / 12Native American "Fire Girls" painting
A&S Biotechnology Lab - Employees working in the lab
8 / 12Biotechnology Lab
A&S Learning Commons - Student working with instructor in the Learning Commons
9 / 12The Learning Commons
A&S Building Ambient Learning Classroom
10 / 12Ambient Learning Classroom
A&S Planetarium
11 / 12Planetarium
A&S Hallway - Student posing in front of the green lit study area
12 / 12Arts & Sciences Hallway

Services and Locations

First Floor

Arts and Sciences Division Office

A&S 1117

Cesar E. Chavez Learning Center

A&S 1313

Equity Center

A&S 1318

English Department

A&S 1106


Second Floor 

English Department

A&S 2203

Social Science and Humanities Department

A&S 2203

Writing Center

A&S 2214


Third Floor 

Mathematics and Computer Science Department

A&S 3203

Science Department

A&S 3203


Fourth Floor 


A&S 4110

Science Innovation Center

A&S 4214

Arts & Sciences Side of Building with Red Ribbon Scultpture

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