Lansing Community College

The 155,000 square-foot Technology and Learning Center was constructed in 1998 and is named for the college's second president, Abel B. Sykes, Jr.

TLC features The Library & Learning Commons with individual study spaces and group study rooms, state-of-the-art computers, flexible classrooms, multimedia sound rooms, and much more.

Studios for LCC Connect and 89.7FM are also located in TLC. LCC Connect presents original programming sourced from the voices, vibes and vision of Lansing's premier college, while 87.9 FM proudly broadcasts Michigan Public, a public radio service featuring National Public Radio (NPR), American Public Media (APM) and the BBC. The studios are located in the lower level of the building.

Services and Locations

Lower Level

LCC Connect

TLC 0311


TLC 0220


Floor 1

eLearning Department

TLC 1101

Learning Commons Department Offices

TLC 1310

Learning Commons Tutoring & Study Area

TLC 1205


Floor 2

Library Department Office

TLC 2101


Floor 3

Center for Teaching Excellence

TLC 3210

Information Technology Services

TLC 3101


Floor 4

Information Technology Services

TLC 4101, 4204, 4205

Library & Learning Commons Offices

TLC 4220

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Technology and Learning Center (TLC)

400 North Capitol Avenue
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TLC Building Front Exterior