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Under the Americans with Disabilities Act, LCC cannot discriminate against anyone on the basis of a disability. That means all of our resources must be available to all students and employees. Beyond being a legal requirement for the college, ensuring our students and employees have the materials they need to succeed is simply the right thing to do and in line with our mission as an institution.

About Accessibility

Accessibility can mean many different things for many different kinds of resources, but at a broad stroke, consider this:

  • Word documents, PowerPoints and PDFs need to be readable by a screen reader or other assistive technology.
  • Images need alt-text to describe the picture to visually impaired students, or another alternative that allows students to gain the information needed.
  • Videos need to be captioned to provide deaf students with a text version of the audio.
  • Third-party software used in the classroom, like MyMathLab or Quizlet, needs to be accessible.
  • Online forms need to be navigable using just a keyboard.
Resources About Accessibility


The Forms Accessibility Checklist provides guidelines for accessibility standards that should be met in order to assure LCC forms are in compliance. LCC defines a form as a document (paper, digital or web-based) with blank space(s) for insertion of information (for example, the Application for Associate Degree).

In addition to the resources in the following lists, the Using the Forms Accessibility Checklist document is a "how to" guide that includes directions for using the Accessibility Checker Tools available in Microsoft Word, Excel and Adobe Acrobat Pro (PDF). It also includes questions to answer about your form that will then direct you to the specific items on the Forms Accessibility Checklist that apply to your document.

Making Your Forms Accessible
Evaluation Tools and Checkers

Course Management System

All D2L courses and course materials should be designed with accessibility requirements in mind to ensure courses are accessible for all students. The accessibility information, D2L resources, and accessibility tools on LCC’s eLearning website are available to assist with meeting accessibility requirements.

LCC Resources

Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE)
The CTE has provided accessibility tutorials and guides for creating accessible instructional materials as well as improving the accessibility of current materials.

Center for Student Access
The Center for Student Access recognizes disability as an integral component of diversity. They consult with students, faculty, and staff to support the ongoing development of an accessible college.

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