Lansing Community College

1. Get Started at LCC

Fill out our admissions application to become an official Lansing Community College (LCC) student!

Find out how to receive accommodations for the placement test.

Get Started at LCC

2. Meet with Us

The goal of our first meeting is to get to know each other and to establish what kind of barriers you have encountered in the past so that we can help you develop a strategy for success during your time at LCC. Request an appointment online or by calling 517-483-1924.

Bring any documentation of past barriers to your meeting. This can include a 504 plan, an IEP, medical records, or other formal documentation of disability.

3. Connect with Your Instructors

Present your instructors with the Instructor Memo (IM) that we gave you during our meeting. It is good practice to also have a confidential discussion with your instructor about your accommodations shortly after giving them the IM.

You are not required to disclose medical information to your instructors. If your instructor asks questions that make you uncomfortable, notify the Center for Student Access right away!

4. Reflect on Your Accommodations

Pay attention to what is working, what is not working, and if you experience barriers throughout the semester. Your accommodations can be adjusted if you encounter any disability-related issues.

Report a problem right away if you encounter any serious barriers to access at LCC.

5. Come See Us Again

We want to hear about what has been working or if there are any barriers you still face. Return to talk anytime you like, or only visit once every three semesters to renew your accommodations.

Returning Students

Students who are already admitted to LCC, but have not yet met with anyone from the Center for Student Access (CSA) should begin at step 2 above.

LCC students who have already met with a CSA consultant are welcome to contact us throughout the semester for clarification of policies, review of accommodations, or even just to talk.

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The Center for Student Access

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