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Types of Accommodations

Extended Time

Extended time can be time and a half (1.5x) or double time (2.0x). This means that if the class gets two hours to complete an assessment and a student has 1.5x time, they should be given three hours to complete the test.

Distraction-Reduced Environment

Also known as a quiet room, a distraction-reduced environment is a room with minimal visual, aural (sound), and social distractions.


A reader is a Reader Services-trained student employee who reads text aloud to the student, exactly as it is written.


A scribe is a Reader Services-trained student employee who writes down what the student instructs, exactly as it is spoken.


Use of a calculator on assessments that don't normally allow calculators.

Accommodations for the Placement Test

The Computerized Placement Test (CPT) consists of three tests: Reading, Writing ("WritePlacer"), and Math.

Documentation of disability is only necessary for use of a calculator on the math portion. Use the following table to ensure that you have the accommodations that you need.


What to do

Distraction-Reduced Testing Environment Contact Testing Services at least 5 days before the test to set up an appointment.
Reader and/or scribe Contact Reader Services at least 5 days before the test to set up an appointment.
Calculator Contact CSA or set up an appointment using our online form.

Testing with a Reader or Scribe

  1. Call Reader Services (517-483-1225) at least 5 days before the test to schedule an appointment with a reader or scribe. Be sure to include what you need (reader or scribe), how much time you are allowed, and where the test will be taken (main campus, West campus, etc.).
  2. On the day of the test, you will do the following depending on the campus:
    • Main campus:
      Go to the StarZone in the Gannon building and check in at the Center for Student Support desk.
    • Other campuses:
      Go to testing center or main office to check in. The reader/scribe will meet the student at that location.


  • Readers will only wait 15 minutes past the appointment time. After 15 minutes, the Reader may not be available to assist with testing accommodations, and the appointment will need to be rescheduled for a later date.
  • If the Reader is still available when the student arrives for the appointment after the 15-minute grace period, the student will only have the originally allotted period of time to complete the test.
  • Students who miss 2 consecutive testing appointments without calling Reader Services (517-483-1225) or 4 testing appointments over the course of a semester will have this accommodation suspended until they meet with the Reader Services Coordinator or the ADA/504 Coordinator to discuss this concern.
  • Readers may only read the test as it is written and scribes may only write down the student's words as spoken.

Reader/scribes may not do any of the following:

  • Explain, re-word, or assist with choosing answers on a test
  • Tutor or teach any class materials
  • Do personal tasks or erands
  • Act as a go-between with the student and the instructor

Testing Locations

Students must call the Testing Services site where the test will be taken at least 5 days before the appointment date to schedule a quiet room.

  • LCC Main campus (Downtown Lansing): 517-267-5500
  • LCC West Campus (Delta Township): 517-267-5510
  • LCC East Campus (East Lansing): 517-483-1860
  • LCC Livingston Center Campus (Howell): 517-545-3522
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