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In order to ensure the availability, integrity and confidentiality of the information in the custody of LCC, disposal of materials should be completed in the normal course of business and in compliance with LCC’s approved records retention and disposal schedules. In addition, the materials should be disposed of properly according to the sensitivity of their content as per the Information Security Policy to ensure appropriate protection of the information during the disposal process.

LCC Information Disposal Guide

The LCC Information Disposal Guide provides the information necessary for proper disposal of materials including records, non-records and other documents.

The Guide will help you determine disposal eligibility by explaining how to answer the questions ‘Can these materials be disposed of yet?’ and ‘Do the records contain private or confidential information?’

The Guide also provides specific disposal guidelines for paper materials (whether to shred, recycle or toss) and digital materials (disposing of the digital and physical component).

Also available is the LCC Information Disposal Guide Decision Tree, a flowchart that is a simplified version of the Disposal Guide that can help you step through the disposal process.

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