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The LCC Archives is the official repository responsible for collecting, preserving, and providing access to materials related to LCC that have enduring historical value. The archives is not yet open to the public, but there are other resources to learn about LCC's history. Find out what is contained in the archives, as well as what resources about LCC history are currently available.


  • Bound volumes of the Lookout student newspaper from 1968-1993
  • Over 6,000 digital images
  • 30 scrapbooks of newspaper clippings about LCC, International Programs and Student Clubs
  • 320 boxes
  • 40 flat file drawers with over 200 oversized items


The LCC Archives' storage space is currently located in the basement of the administration building.

resources about LCC

ABOUT the archives

In February 2017, the Records Information Specialist, Linnea Knapp, was contacted by LCC Library staff to discuss a collection of digital images of LCC. During that same discussion the Library staff mentioned a group of boxes that had been inventoried by a former library staff member in the 1990s. These boxes had originally been located in the Old Central Building, but at the time of the discussion they were located in the basement of the Administration Building.

After some further research into both collections, Linnea recognized the need to create an official archives repository at LCC as soon as possible in order to halt any further deterioration of the historical materials and to make materials accessible to the community.

In June 2017, an LCC Archives Proposal was presented to LCC's Executive Leadership Team, gaining their support. Linnea then met with staff in Facilities and the Library to discuss options for space. A solution for the appropriate space for a Reading Room, Exhibit area and additional storage is still being decided. In the meantime, space in the basement of the Administration Building could be outfitted to work as a temporary location, providing the appropriate storage environment for the materials.


If you have questions or would like to donate materials to the archives, contact:

Linnea Knapp
Records Information Specialist
(517) 483-1676