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In partnership with the Office of Diversity & Inclusion (ODI) the Centre for Engaged Inclusion (CEI) brings you Beyond the Book for the entire Lansing Community College community.

What is Beyond the Book?

As a part of the four pillars of the ODI:

  • Social Justice
  • Belonging
  • Advocacy
  • Education

Beyond the Book is focused on embracing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) by exploring four themes with four different books at the campus-wide level:

  • Gender and Self Identity
  • Global and Cultural Perspective
  • Accessibility & Advocacy
  • Diversity and Racial Equity

LCC students and employees are provided with free copies of best-selling books from major publishing houses in order to provide as much accessibility to the book as possible. Books Are Available for Pick Up in the Cesar Chavez Learning Center Arts and Science Building 1313 while the Centre for Engaged Inclusion is under construction.

ALL LCC individuals are invited to engage with all or a select amount of the four books designated for the current academic year.

You do not need to have read the book to join a Beyond the Book conversation each month.

Ask your faculty if you can receive extra credit for attending the Beyond the Book conversations.

Once a month designated facilitators will cover topics related to the specific theme for each of the books, the information in the book, music related to the theme, art components related to the ODI and CEI designated themes and more.

Mind and Matter: My Life in Math and Football by John Urschel
Theme 1 - Gender & Self-Identity:

Mind and Matter: My Life in Math and Football
by John Urschel

Educated by Tara Westover
Theme 3 - Accessibility & Advocacy:

by Tara Westover

Caste: The Origins of Our Discontents by Isabel Wilkerson
Theme 4 - Diversity & Racial Equity:

Caste: The Origins of Our Discontents

by Isabel Wilkerson

The purpose of Beyond the Book is to expand the dialogues, learning and engagement around diversity, equity, and inclusion themed books to foster a greater sense of community all while celebrating difference. This program is designed to provide an enjoyable and positive reading experience both inside and outside of the classroom. The aim of the Diversity Campus Reading Circles is to engage students, faculty, staff, and the larger community in a wide range of social discussion around DEI themes and intellectual activities to create an inclusive campus community.

Research Guide

Use the Beyond the Book Research Guide to learn more about the book and explore related themes.

Suggest a Book

Want to facilitate or co-facilitate an entire book or chapter?


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