Lansing Community College Library

LCC Library has a variety of technology that can be checked out by current students and staff at the 2nd floor Help Zone in the TLC Building. Read our Technology Lending Policy.

Technology Resources

On the Technology Resources Guide you will find information about free and discounted technology resources and training for Lansing Community College students and employees including:

  • computers and software
  • internet access, including mobile hotspots
  • tutorials and troubleshooting


2nd Floor Help Zone
(517) 483-1038


  • Lending Period: one semester or 2 hours, renewable upon availability
  • Details: HP Probook contains commonly used software such as Microsoft Office and popular internet browsers. Available at the 2nd floor Help Zone.
  • Accessories: Checks out with power supply and bag.

What if I have technical issues with my laptop or my laptop is damaged?

Contact IT for technology help at or 517-483-5221 or exchange the laptop (if possible) by visiting the 2nd floor Help Zone.

What if I HAVE a Laptop hold on my account?

Call the Library Lending Laptop Specialist at 517-483-1641.



  • Lending Period: 2 hours or 48 hours
  • Details: TI-83, TI-84 and Scientific calculators. Available at the 2nd floor Help Zone
  • Accessories available for checkout: Charging cord
  • Check calculator availability.

Online Calculator Options:

generic picture of a ti-84 graphing calculator

Technology Lending Policy

How can I check out technology?

Bring your StarCard, Driver's License, or other photo ID to the 2nd floor Help Zone.

How long can I keep the technology?

  • Calculators - 2 hours or 48 hours
  • Laptops - 1 semester or 2 hours

Where do I return the technology?

Please return it to the 2nd floor Help Zone during Library hours.

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Library Contact

LCC Library is located on the 2nd and 3rd floors of the Technology and Learning Center (TLC) building at the corner of Capitol and Shiawassee on LCC's downtown campus.

Technology & Learning Center (TLC) 
400 N. Capitol Ave.
Lansing, MI 48933

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