Lansing Community College Library

Find images for a paper or presentation using one of the websites or databases below.

Before you use an image, check the usage rights. Some sites require that you ask permission to use images, while others do not as long as you use the images for educational purposes and give credit to the creator.

When you create a Powerpoint presentation, the Bing image search results have a Creative Commons license.


Search websites for images you can share, use, and remix. All Openverse content is under a Creative Commons license or in the public domain.

Google Advanced Image Search
Limit your Google image search to images that you can reuse.

Images that Reflect Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
List of repositories of free or openly licensed photos and images featuring people of color, trans, non-binary, indigenous, and other diverse population groups.

All photos are free for any personal and commercial purpose.

Free images or videos that you can use anywhere.

Free, high resolution photos for commercial or non-commercial purposes.

Free stock photos for commercial and editorial use.

Research Databases

SIRS Issues Researcher
Use Advanced Search and limit your Source Type to Multimedia / Statistics to find images, videos, and statistics.

Visual Art

A searchable collection of millions of works of art from all over the world.

Metropolitan Museum of Art
A searchable collection of artwork in the MMA believed to be in the public domain.


Usage Rights

Public Domain - May be freely used without asking for copyright permission because they are not copyrighted.

Licensed - Are copyrighted, but may be free for limited use if you follow license requirements (for example, educational use, giving credit, etc.)

Royalty-Free - Require payment of a small fee to use the material for limited purposes.

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