Lansing Community College


Call 911

LCC Police Department


ext. 1800


Medical Emergency

CALL 911, tell dispatcher:

  • WHO you are and WHO (i.e., name, age, gender) needs help
  • WHAT happened
  • WHERE you are, building physical address and room
  • Retrieve Automated External Defibrillator (AED) if necessary (see building maps for location)



  • Stop what you are doing and leave the building quickly and safely
  • Take immediately accessible items only
  • Evacuate to an area a safe distance away from the building
  • Do not reenter until you receive an “All Clear” message

Campus Wide

  • Calmly and immediately, exit the campus and take your immediately accessible possessions with you
  • Drive patiently when leaving the parking lot/ramp

Tornado Shelter

When siren sounds or other notification is received

  • Go to the building shelter area (as posted on the maps)
  • Do not return to your work or school space until you receive an "All Clear" message

Utility Emergency

Power Outage

  • Wait for notification before leaving; do not leave campus/class unless told to do so by an LCC Emergency Alert or public address announcement

Water/Steam Heat

  • Call the LCC Police Department (downtown is heated by using steam)

Natural Gas

  • If gas smell is obvious or concerning, call the LCC Police Department

Active Violence


  • Get away if possible
  • Put distance between you and the threat


...if exiting is not possible:

  • Create barriers to prevent or slow down threat
  • Turn off light; hide quietly and silence cell phones


...if confronted:

  • Be prepared to defend yourself
  • Be aggressive and committed to your actions


  • May be ordered via a notification to stay where you are.
  • This will most likely occur during an external threat, a nearby hazardous material incident, or other public safety risk.


  • (of external campus building doors)
  • You will be notified by the LCC Police Department via a PA announcement.
  • Will most likely occur when there is a known external threat near your location.

Inclement Weather/Cancellations/Closings


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AOF Building front exterior

Contact Us

Emergency Management Department

Carol Wolfinger
Director of Emergency Management
Location: AOF 108
Phone: 517-483-1823