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This is the general retention schedule for the functional area of student records. It is a list of student records series found in multiple divisions and departments at LCC and is the central retention document for student records, superseding any student records series on previously approved retention schedules. (A list of superseded record series can be found on the Student Records General Schedule Supersede List.

GS#2 includes records related to admissions, enrollment, academic files, FERPA compliance, student financial aid, curriculum, advising, tutoring, testing and proctoring, evaluations and surveys, schedules, and student services records such as orientation and campus tours, student organizations, athletics, counseling services, student access, and student issues.

About Retention

The retention periods in this retention schedule are mandatory minimum retention periods. Records should not be disposed of prior to reaching the end of their retention period. Once the retention period has elapsed records should not be held for more than one (1) year beyond their listed mandatory minimum retention period.

Certain records may be retained for longer periods of time if there is a legitimate business need or if the records are subject to a legal hold, pending legal action or are a part of an on-going review, audit or investigation. If the retention period expires before the issue is resolved, the records must be retained until resolution is reached.

About Approval

General Schedule #2 for Student Records (V2.2023) was approved by the State Administrative Board on March 14, 2023. The official document is available to view on LCC’s internal O:\ drive (O:\Interdivisional\LCC-Records_Management_and_College_Archives\Records Retention Schedules).

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