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COVID Sick Leave Pay Instructions

The College has received employee sick leave donations that have restored the COVID-19 Sick Leave Bank in full. The COVID Sick Leave hours are available to all employees (including student employees) effective immediately as specified below.

  1. Absence related to COVID-19:
    1. Total of all leave banks ≥ 250 hrs: Employees who have an accumulation of leave time totaling 250 hours or more will use their own leave bank hours.
      • Record absence related to COVID-19 as sick or PTO on timesheet.
    2. Total of all leave banks < 250 hrs: Employees who have an accumulation of leave time totaling less than 250 hours may draw from the new COVID-19 Sick Leave Bank for approved absences related to the COVID-19 pandemic, for time not worked for the following reasons:
      • due to employee’s own COVID illness;
      • due to caring for an immediate family member with COVID illness;
      • due to being quarantined based on CDC guidance and unable to work remotely;
      • due to an order for isolation based on CDC guidance;
      • related to obtaining COVID vaccine for self and/or immediate family member.
      • due to an employee complying with our "Stay Home If You Are Sick" requirement

      Employees must submit requests to use the new COVID-19 sick leave bank by completing the COVID-19 Sick Leave Application. Once this request is approved, employees should record the hours on their timecard or through their timekeeper.

      • Record absence related to COVID-19 as COVID Sick Leave (ES1, ES2) on timesheet. Add a comment to the timesheet stating reason for absence if COVID -19 sick leave is used.
  1. Absence unrelated to COVID-19: Employees who need to be absent from work for a reason unrelated to COVID-19 will use their current leave time that is available such as sick, vacation, personal, PTO, etc.   Unrelated reasons may include: absences related to health, family, or child care responsibilities.
    • Record absence unrelated to COVID-19 as sick, vacation, personal, PTO, etc.

Supervisors are required to add a comment to all timesheets using COVID-19 Sick Leave (ES1, ES2) confirming the reason for the absence.


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