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LCC is a vital part of the community and, as such, is committed to help strengthen the relationships of employees to the communities in which they work and live.  Full-time employees will be provided up to eight hours per fiscal year and part-time employees will be provided up to four hours per fiscal year of paid leave time away from regular scheduled work activities to provide community service hours as part of an organized community service program.

  • CSL must be used in increments of four hours or eight hours.
  • CSL must replace regularly scheduled working hours and cannot be used to extend the employee’s work schedule or to add overtime/overload to an employee’s schedule.
  • CSL will not be rolled over to the next fiscal year.
  • CSL will not be paid out to an employee at the time of retirement/resignation/termination.

Service must be provided as a volunteer to organizations with goals that are consistent with LCC’s mission and guiding principles.  Appropriate service activities include the provision of active service to a non-profit or governmental service organization, a public agency, and/or the clients that these organizations serve. Examples of active service include, but are not limited to:

  • Tutoring and mentoring children through an organized program
  • Assisting with the physical maintenance of a facility providing services to the community
  • Teaching a CPR class through an organized program
  • Counseling a crime victim through an organized program
  • Delivering meals to the homes of older adults through an organization such as Meals on Wheels
  • Yard work, painting, cleaning, or maintenance through an organized program
  • Attending non-profit board and committee meetings (Scouts, Big Brother/Big Sister, Red Cross, etc.).
  • Assisting school instructors with classroom or other related activities, e.g., school-sponsored field trips.
  • Assisting the LCC Foundation with reviewing scholarship applications.
  • Volunteer work to support activities and events related to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Excluded from this policy are services provided to an organization where the only recipients are members of the organization (i.e. attending a committee meeting for a fraternal lodge). Activities involving political groups or causes do not qualify for use of this leave. Attendance of social events and fundraisers for a community organization also do not qualify.

Pay Instructions
  1. Community Service Leave Application:
    1. Employee must seek pre-approval for use of CSL time by submitting the Community Service Leave Dynamic Form to their supervisor.
      • Documentation confirming your scheduled community service date and time will need to be uploaded at the time of application.
  2. Supervisor Review and Approval:
    • Administrative Supervisors will review the request form to ensure employee has leave hours available, the employee’s schedule permits an absence, and the service organization is appropriate based on LCC Standard Operating Procedure (SOP).  Employees can locate the SOP on the O: drive by selecting the folder titled FS-Public/FS-PAFR-Public/ and the file titled Community Service Procedure SOP 06.14.22.docx.
      Please note: You must be logged into your LCC VPN to access these files.
  3. Timesheet Recordkeeping:
    • Record absence as Community Service Leave (CMS, CMA) on timesheet.
      • Community Service Leave Dynamic Form must be completed and approved in order for Payroll to process wage payment.


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