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A reminder from the Office of Student Compliance while the College is operating in an online environment: Students must continue to comply with Title IX and the Student Code of Conduct and General Rules and Guidelines. In addition, our Behavior Intervention Team is active. We will continue to support students and the College community with reporting, response, and referral. Please contact us at 517-483-1261 or and we will return any messages promptly.

The Office of Student Compliance is an integral part of the positive educational environment at Lansing Community College. We support the Mission of the College by responding to and resolving situations in which the behavioral choices of students are negatively impacting other students, including themselves. We aim to educate those students on the rights and responsibilities of community membership and to support their success at Lansing Community College. We promote responsibility, encourage honesty, and foster respect for diversity in order to enhance the quality of the College and community environment.

Refer to the Student Code of Conduct, Student Title IX and BIT for further information.

Make a Report

Student Code of Conduct Report

Reports for alleged Student Code of Conduct violations should be filed here. Some examples of Student Conduct violations include acts of dishonesty, disruptions, physical abuse, or threats, theft or attempted theft, possession or use of alcohol and/or drugs, etc.

Conduct Report

Student Title IX Report

A Title IX report can be filed here for any alleged Student Sexual Misconduct violation. Some examples include sexual assault, stalking, domestic violence, sexual harassment, etc.

Title IX Report  

BIT Reports

BIT reports can be submitted for students of concern. Some examples of BIT reports include but are not limited to: self-injurious behavior/suicidal ideation or attempt, talk of suicide or suicidal action; erratic behavior (including online behavior) that disrupts the mission and/or normal proceedings, threats of safety to campus or the community and alcohol and drug use to name a few.

BIT Report

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Contact Us

Student Compliance

Room 1210 Gannon Building
Phone: 517-483-1261
FAX: 517-483-1629

Director of Student Compliance:
Christine Thompson

Student Title IX Investigator/Conduct Officer:
Lisa Anzicek

Student Compliance Liaison:
Taylor Stevens