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Lansing Community College is concerned with the safety, health, and well-being of its students, faculty, staff and community. The Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) works to promote the sharing of information internally when significant circumstances pertaining to the health and safety of LCC's students arise.

Behavioral Intervention:

  • Is a best practice at colleges and universities throughout the nation, in which members of a College community share relevant information internally regarding a "student of concern" through a central reporting process.
  • Is a multi-disciplinary team that helps detect early indicators of potential disruptive conduct, self-harm, and violence to others.
    • LCC Team includes members from the LCC Police Department, Counseling, and Student Affairs. Members are trained and certified.
    • Members of the BIT intake and assess information, take action when necessary, and track details about behavioral concerns noted on campus.
    • The team links students of concern to appropriate services either on or off campus while balancing the individual's rights with the rights of all others for safety.

The BIT uses an established protocol to classify student risk and agree on a plan of action.

  • Intervention strategies may include supportive services, mental health services, risk assessments, referrals to student compliance, legal, etc.
  • The team proactively monitors and assists students using available college/community resources and coordinates case management and follow-up.
  • Effective risk/threat assessment provides useful and actionable information about risks associated with a particular student or situation to maintain campus safety, and to assist individuals in managing any underlying sources of mental health concerns.


Behavioral Intervention Team Process:

The BIT convenes regularly and on an ad hoc basis to review reports that require immediate attention.

Members of the LCC community may refer students of concern to the BIT by making an online report.

  • Reports should include a detailed narrative of the behavior witnessed that is of concern.
  • Upon receipt of the report, a member of the BIT will review the information, complete any follow-up with the reporting party, and determine next steps.
  • If the behavior presents an immediate threat or danger to self or others, please call 911 or contact LCC Police Department at 517-483-1800.

Examples of when to submit a BIT report:

  • Self-injurious behavior; suicidal ideation or talk of suicide; or suicidal action or attempt.
  • Threats of safety to others, the campus or the community.
  • Erratic behavior (including online behavior) that disrupts the College mission, learning environment, and/or operations.
  • Disturbing things or threats to self or others stated verbally or posted on social media, in online forums, via messaging apps, via text, in student writings, or emails.
  • Someone appearing troubled or depressed; or unreasonable behavior.
  • Severe distress or dysregulation of thought or behavior.

Make a Report

See Something, Say Something

The Lansing Community College Police Department is committed to providing a safe place to learn and work. To maintain a safe campus, the LCC Police strongly encourage students, staff and visitors to all LCC campuses to speak up; if you see something, say something.

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