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Academic Success Coaches: Student Impact

Two students share their experiences with working with a Coach.

Spring 2023 Student Survey

Working with my Academic Success Coach has helped me improve my college experience.
I would encourage another LCC student to work with an Academic Success Coach.

Student Comments from the Spring 2023 Feedback Survey

I would say that without having my success coach I probably would have quit after my first semester. She was the one who talked me into staying and without really knowing me believed in me which is more than I could say for myself at that time. Her belief in me is what gave me the confidence to keep going and do good. 

Anytime I feel lost or have any concerns about moving forward he doesn’t hesitate to help me get through my concerns and helps me out anyway possible. I appreciate how supportive he is.

He helped me navigate the student life at LCC from the beginning until the end, and it was greatly appreciated.

My success coach is always checking in and making sure I have everything I need to pass my class.

My success coach has helped with ALL school related issues but also has helped with some personal ones as well.

My success coach is amazing , she helped me with a lot of things this semester and I’m really thankful that I have her.

He is fantastic! I had really struggled to find someone who could relate to my being an older first-time college student. Not only does he get it because he has been there, but he also understands my degree path so has excellent insight and guidance!

I have had the pleasure of interacting with my Success Coach as well as a couple other coaches and every interaction has been exquisite and informational. I can truly see where having this added support to the campus is a plus. I love having the extra resource and be in touch with people that even if they are uncertain about things they have gone the extra mile to get the information needed.

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