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Academic Success Coaches: Student Impact

Two students share their experiences with working with a Coach.

Fall 2021 Student Survey

Working with my Academic Success Coach has helped me improve my college experience.
I would encourage another LCC student to work with an Academic Success Coach.

Student Comments from the Fall 2021 Feedback Survey

She has helped keep me on track and as focused as I can be. If I pass my classes I would directly attribute it to her help and guidance.

My Academic Success Coach was attentive to my issues that arose acutely, and helped me work through them as well as making sure she was the middle contact person to resolve questions etc when I was unable to connect with the correct department or person. Very good listener and gives logical advice and options to resolve them as well.

Having a Success Coach helped me feel supported and more confident in my journey at LCC. I am 36 and have responsibilities and obstacles to overcome that younger students don’t have when they attend school. Having a person to go to, that knows all the special things there is to know about what resources and support LCC has for their students has made a huge difference for me.

She has been instrumental in any success I have in my classes. I did not know a thing about computers or online classes, among other things, and she helped me with both to where I can take the knowledge and use it outside of school. She was also a positive influence and very encouraging when I thought about quitting. She is awesome.

She was a great Success Coach because she cared about my success and made time to help me achieve my goals. I have never had an Academic Success Coach, and she made a difference because I had more of a positive experience at LCC because of her.

It is so nice!! It has been one of the best experiences at LCC. My ASC is always helping me and I really appreciate it.

He was so helpful with everything and I think I made the Dean’s list because of all the help and confidence he showed me.

Literally working with my Academic Success Coach was the best thing I could have done for myself. I never realized everything he was willing/able to do for me. I have always had to pay out of pocket for schooling and it has become a challenge to stay afloat on everything. I was discouraged because I thought my FASFA was still going to go based off of my parents income who do not help me with school at all. He was able to subside my worries and help me take the step to getting financial aid. I wish I knew about how much he could do and how helpful he is at the beginning of my LCC journey. I highly recommend everyone to at least meet with their Coach because they are so much more than such Coaches!

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