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Below is an active list for LCC for July 1, 2022 through June 30, 2023.

Please see the Status column for bids and proposals.  Definitions are shown below:

  • Open - Vendors may submit a bid or proposal.
  • Evaluating - Bid or proposals received and evaluation stage.
  • Awarded - Vendors in 'bold' received award.
  • No Award/Not Awarded- Unawarded bid or proposal.

Open bids/proposals are available on the following online platforms. Please go to MITN Bidnet Direct, or DemandStar to download at your convenience.  New companies will need to complete the online registration process before accessing bid/proposal specifications.

Bid Number/Description


Bids Received From Vendors

Dollar Amount

50201-1097-22EL  - Campus-Wide Parking Lots Restoration 2022 Awarded

Asphalt Solutions Plus

T&M Asphalt Paving



406313-1101-22BV -Downdraft Table  Awarded DualDraw LLC $16,140
406313-1102-22BV- Aviation Maintenance Supplies Not Awarded Failed Bid  
406313-1102-22BV-0-2023/BV - Aviation Maintenance Supplies Awarded Aero Performance  
406313-1103-22BV -Turbine Fuel Training System  Awarded Avotek   $20,399
407640-1107-22SP - Boss Laser HP 5598 Not Awarded Bid exceeded project cost  
50201-1109-22EL - Gannon Building Suite 4100-Athletics Area Renovation-Sheet Metal Awarded

Dee Cramer Inc

Limbach Company

Michigan Environmental



No Bid

406313-1110-22BV - Turbine Engine Crane  No Award    
406313-1111-22BV - Motorized PT6A Turbine Engine  Awarded Avotek  
405217-1112-22SP - Full Body X-Ray Phantom With Real Human Skeleton Bones Awarded

Anatomy Warehouse

SuperTech Inc

$29,200.00 / Nonresponsive bid


50201-1113-22EL - Campus-Wide Window Cleaning Services  Evaluating



406214-1114-22BV - UR3e Collaborative Robot No Award



406311-1115-23BV - Automotive Trainers Awarded


NADA Scientific


50201-1116-23EL - Campus Wide Parking Lots Restoration 2023 Evaluating



406313-1117-23BV - Aviation Tool Sets Evaluating




Proposal Number/Description


Proposals Received From Vendors

Dollar Amount

13001-767-22SG: Consulting Services - Federal and Local Lobbyist Awarded

The Hamm Consulting Group (Federal)

Muchmore Harrington Smalley & Associates (Local)

Thompson Coburn LLP (Federal)

$63,000 annual

$57,000 annual


$240,000 annual

50201-768-22EL: Dart Auditorium-Replace Air Handling Units, House Lighting, Seats  Awarded

Laux Construction

Moore Trosper Const.



50201-769-22EL: Gannon Building-Air Handling Unit Replacements  Awarded

Limbach Company

Moore Trosper Const.


No Bid

50201-770-22EL: Mason Aviation Center-Boiler Replacement Awarded

Buist Electric

DeMaria Building Co

Johnson & Wood LLC

No Bid



50201-771-22EL - Campus-Wide ITS Data Closets-HVAC Upgrades  Awarded

Buist Electric

Centennial Electric

Gunthorpe Plumbing

Limbach Company

No Bid




50201-779-22EL: DTC-Facilities Storage Building   Awarded

Laux Construction

Moore Trosper Const.



50201-781-22EL: Academic & Office Facility AOF Building-Heat Exchanger Replacement  Awarded

Buist Electric

Gunthorpe Plumbing

Johnson & Wood LLC

Limbach Company

No Bid




50201-772-22EL: Gannon Building (GB)-Cooling Tower & Holding Tanks Replacement Awarded

Buist Electric

Gunthorpe Plumbing

Johnson & Wood LLC

Limbach Company

No Bid




50201-775-22EL - West Campus-Roof Replacement Awarded

CEI Michigan LLC

Hoekstra Roofing Co

National Roofing

Schreiber Corp




$1,080,000.00 / Withdrew Bid

50201-776-22EL - West Campus-HVAC & RTU's Replacement  Awarded

Buist Electric

Gunthorpe Plumbing

Johnson & Wood LLC

Limbach Company

Mall City Mechanical

Moore Trosper Const.

No Bid





No Bid

50201-777-22EL - Technology & Learning Center-TLC IT Server Rm-HVAC System Upgrades Not Awarded

Limbach Company

Moore Trosper Const.

Gunthorpe Plumbing


No Bid

$1,234,055.00 /  Lead time exceeded the completion date.

50201-780-22EL: Fish Aquarium Maintenance Services  Awarded Preuss Pets $93,600.00
405212-782-22AW: Dental Hygiene Software System for Paperless Patient Intake  Evaluating    
50201-783-22EL Rogers-Carrier House (RCH)-Garage Addition Not Awarded

Michigan Environmental

Moore Trosper Const.

No Bid

$800,000.00 / Bid exceeded project estimate and unable to be completed by 12/31/2022.

50201-784-22EL Rogers-Carrier House (RCH)-Exterior Improvements Awarded

Laux Construction

Moore Trosper Const.

No Bid


50201-774-22EL :Technology & Learning Center (TLC)-Partial Roof Replacement Awarded

Hoekstra Roofing

Lutz Roofing Company

Moore Trosper Const.

National Roofing



No Bid


20610-786-22SG: Athletics Operations Software Awarded ARMS Software  
30300-778-22AW: BCI Qualified Independent Contractor Pool Open Pool through 6/30/26

Advanced Training and Consulting LLC

Save a Life CPR and Safety

Dale Carnegie Training 


Learn Spectrum

Lisa Fisher Business Training and Consulting

60001-787-22SG: Appointment Scheduling Software Awarded

ACF Technologies



EAB Global

$30,565 per year

$22,500 per year

$28,000 per year

$81,000 per year

50401-790-22SG: Catering Services No awarded

Failed Bid

12301-791-22BV: Consulting Services - Human Resources Awarded

Evergreen Solutions

White Pine Solutions

20000-792-22SP: LCC Commencement Regalia Awarded


Herff Jones


Oak Hall Cap & Gown





*Student Gown Price 

Only Herff Jones & Oak Hall were determined to be both responsive & responsible.

20000-793-22SP: Graduation Photography Services Awarded


Graduation Foto

50330-794-22SG: Emergency Mass Notification System (EMNS) Evaluating


50201-796-22EL: Gannon Building Suite 4100-Athletic Dept & Campus General Trades  Awarded

Integrity Interiors

Moore Trosper Const.

Nielsen Comm Const.




Above rates are for Journeyman/Hrly Rate

50201-797-22EL:  Gannon Building Suite 4100-Athletic Dept & Campus Electrical Svcs  Awarded

Centennial Electric

FD Hayes Electric


H&R Electrical


$81.40 - Company was low on all rates


Above rates are for Journeyman Electrician/Hrly Rate

50201-798-22EL: Gannon Bldg Suite 4100-Athletic Dept & CW Mech/Plumbing/Pipe/HVAC  Evaluating


30300-800-22SP: Community Education and  Workforce Development Training Materials and Supplies Pool Evaluating


50601-801-22EL RE-BID: Campus-Wide Fire Extinguisher Inspections  Evaluating


406001-802-22BV: Automation Studio Educational 6.4 Premium Package Awarded

Famic Technologies

50201-804-23EL: LCC Japanese Garden-Pond Restoration Open

Due: 3/16/23 by 2pm EST (on MITN Bidnet)

50201-805-23EL: Rogers-Carrier House (RCH) Garage Addition-Build Out  Evaluating


50201-806-23EL: Rogers-Carrier House (RCH) Garage Addition-Electrical Improvements  Evaluating


50201-807-23EL: Rogers-Carrier House (RCH) Garage Addition-Snowmelt System Improve Evaluating


12401-809-23SG: Campus Master Plan Evaluating


60130-810-23SG: Multi-Factor Authentication System Evaluating


12301-813-23BV: Vision Insurance Open

Due: 4/24/23 by 5:00pm EST (on MITN Bidnet)

12512-814-23BV: Consulting Services-Business Development Open

Due: 3/27/23 by 5:00pm EST (on DemandStar)



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