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Welcome to the Health and Human Services (HHS) Division

The HHS Division is committed to delivering high quality, affordable educational services, with student learning as our highest priority. Powerful education, health care, and business partnerships support this commitment to optimize student success. Students may pursue an associate degree, certificate, or transfer curriculum. By following our curricular outlines, a student can plan which courses to take. To learn more about these exciting career advancement opportunities, follow the links below.

Are you are interested in:
  • Helping people improve their lives
  • Helping people stay healthy
  • Caring for people who are ill
  • Understanding diseases and how the body works

For your Health & Wellness

employees at a table with canned goods

Employee Wellness

To create and promote a sustainable culture of health and wellness for Lansing Community College students, faculty, staff, and the communities we serve.

woman riding elptical at west campus fitness center

Fitness Centers & Weight Room

LCC has two fitness centers, one on Downtown Campus, one at West Campus, and a weight room at Downtown Campus. Students can use both facilities by enrolling in various fitness classes.



Continuing Education for Healthcare

These non-credit courses are designed to give you the skills and knowledge needed to advance in healthcare fields.

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Message from the Dean

This is a division where we educate many of society's dedicated servants, such as health careers workers, childcare workers, and human services workers. Our programs are diverse and aligned with national standards. The HHS Division has a commitment to excellence and operates within the framework of Continuous Quality Improvement. Each day it is my privilege to serve alongside highly skilled and dedicated faculty and staff, each of whom is dedicated to our Divisional Goals. The HHS Division is committed to student success. We intend to provide each student in every single program and course:

  • Clearly defined program outcomes, developed with real-world industry input and aligned with national standards
  • Complete and measurable student learning outcomes in each course
  • Assessment of both course and program outcomes that will result in continuous improvement of both
  • Collaborative, cooperative learning environments to maximize student/ student and faculty/student interaction
  • Up-to-date technology infusion to enable easy access for students and learning that continues beyond class time
  • Respect for each person
  • Commitment to diversity
  • High expectations for learning
  • Prompt, regular feedback to enhance learning

In cooperation with our community partners, we are committed to offering the best hands-on educational experiences, using clinical, practicums, and skills labs to educate students with real-time teaching and learning methods. We exist to educate students; and the community has charged us with the responsibility to assist those students in becoming workplace ready!

As Dean, I stand ready to support students, faculty, and staff in whatever way is needed to realize the above goals. I am approachable and willing to engage in discussions regarding the work of the Health and Human Services Division. Please feel free to stop by the Divisional Office, to e-mail me, or to call for an appointment. I look forward to meeting you!

Margie Clark, MSN, RN, GNP-BC
Dean, Health and Human Services Division

On-Campus Health Services

The dual-purposed health clinics serve the community by providing access to health services, and hands-on experience for LCC students under direction and supervision of expert LCC faculty and staff.

Dental Hygiene Clinic

Dental Clinic

Massage Therapy Clinic

Massage Clinic

Fitness Centers & Weight Room

Fitness Centers
Health and Human Services building exterior

Health and Human Services Division Office

Phone: 517-483-1410

HHS Building Room 108
515 N Washington Square
Lansing, MI 48933

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