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Enrollment and degree certification provides confirmation of enrollment status (e.g., full-time, part-time), dates of attendance, and degree(s) conferred. Certification is used to confirm this information to insurance companies, lenders, employers, and other organizations.

Note: Enrollment statuses are available in the Clearinghouse system once the 50% drop date has ended for the current semester; statuses are updated monthly.

Drop period information for each semester is available in the Academic Calendar located on the Registrar's Office webpage.

Proof of enrollment can now be acquired instantly online through the National Student Clearinghouse:

  • Log into myLCC
  • Click on the School tab
  • Click on Proof of Enrollment in the Student eToolbox
  • Select Obtain an enrollment certificate
  • Print your certificate

Online Enrollment Certification

Get instant proof of your enrollment at LCC online. This video will teach you how.

Direct Video Link


The following is now available instantly online:

  • Obtain an enrollment certificate to print and mail to a health insurer or other company that requests proof of your enrollment.
  • View the enrollment information on file with the Clearinghouse.
  • View the student loan deferment notifications that the Clearinghouse has provided to your loan holders.
  • View the proof(s) of enrollment that the Clearinghouse has provided to your health insurers and other providers of student services or products.

Registrar's Office Contact

Our office is located in the StarZone in the Gannon Building. For directions, see us on Google Maps

an employee sits at the starzone desk and talks with a student

Mailing Address
Registrar's Office
Lansing Community College
411 N Grand Ave
Lansing, MI 48933-1215

Mon - Fri: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Phone: 517-483-1200 option 2
Toll Free: 800-644-4522
Fax: 517-483-9668

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