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Degree Works is a computerized guide to help you and your advisor monitor and plan your pathway toward completion of your certificate(s) and degree(s). Degree Works compares your coursework against the requirements for your declared major/program to produce an easy-to-read audit divided into blocks (Degree/Certificate, Major/Program, Core, etc.). Check-boxes within each block show whether requirements are completed, in-progress (enrolled courses), or are still needed. With Degree Works you also can run What-If scenarios to try different majors, and your advisor and you can set up plans for future semesters, too.



Degrees & Certificates

Degree Works contains all active LCC degrees and certificates.



How to access Degree Works

Students access Degree Works through myLCC

  • Login to myLCC
  • Click on the School tab
  • Click on Degree Works in the Student eToolbox
  • Degree Works Audit page displays

Note: Students who have enrolled and have been admitted to LCC beginning Summer 2011 are in Degree Works. Students who have not taken classes since Summer 2011 will be added to Degree Works the next time they enroll for classes.


Degree Works Help

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