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To ensure a safe environment for all employees and students, it is vital that near-misses, hazardous conditions, and safety concerns are promptly reported. If you come across any situation that could have led to an accident or near-miss, identify a potential hazard, or have any safety concerns, report it immediately. Employees are encouraged to inform their supervisor, while students should reach out to their faculty members. Additionally, we have introduced a reporting system in the form of a dynamic form. Employees can also utilize this form to report near-misses, hazardous conditions, and safety concerns.

By being vigilant and proactive in identifying near-misses, hazardous conditions, and safety concerns, LCC can work together to implement appropriate preventive measures, improve safety protocols, and foster a culture of safety at LCC.


Report Near Misses Hazardous Conditions or Safety Concerns


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Occupational & Environmental Safety

David Yeomans II
Director of Occupational & Environmental Safety
Phone: 517-483-1812

Location: Academic and Office Facility
Room 108