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A workplace injury is the result of a work accident or exposure in the work environment and includes, but is not limited to, a cut, fracture, sprain, or amputation. A workplace illness includes both acute and chronic illness, including but not limited to, a skin disease, respiratory disorder, or poisoning.

All employees are required to report workplace injuries and illnesses immediately to their supervisors. Upon notification of an injury or illness, the supervisor will:

  • Secure the scene and identify treatment needs
  • Follow worker's compensation procedures for medical treatment if necessary
  • Complete an injury or illness report within 24 hours of the incident
  • Identify and complete corrective actions

Supervisors must complete an injury or illness report even if medical treatment is not required at the time of injury. If something does change and medical attention is needed later, the employee must let the supervisor know promptly. The supervisor must work with Risk Management throughout the case.


If you have questions regarding work-related injury reporting, injuries, and, medical treatment of injuries contact LCC's Workers' Compensation Specialist.

LaTonya Terry
Risk Management and Workers' Compensation Specialist
Office: 517-483-5298

Serious Incidents

Report any serious incident resulting in death, hospitalization, loss of an eye, or amputation immediately to the Director of Occupational & Environmental Safety by calling 517-483-1812, Risk Management and Legal Services by calling 517-483-1730 and your area ELT member.



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