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The Sign Language Interpreter Program at LCC - Since 1978

Graduates of LCC's Sign Language Interpreter Program may find employment in both private and public settings. As a Sign Language interpreter, you can expect to go wherever d/Deaf or Hearing persons may need interpreting services.

Jobs for Sign Language Interpreters include interpreting for religious institutions, Video Relay Centers, colleges and universities, public schools, and medical and legal institutions. Some of these settings will require additional training, endorsements, and assessments to secure employment.

Sign Language Interpreting requires a highly specialized skill set. The most successful students will be committed to acquiring American Sign Language (ASL) as a second language. As a Sign Language student, you will need to seek out social interactions within the Deaf community and take advantage of opportunities to apply and enhance your proficiency in ASL.

If you would like a representative from the LCC Sign Language Interpreter Program to come present to your organization or speak at your event, please call us at 517-483-5329.

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