Lansing Community College

Lansing Community College is directed and governed by a Board of Trustees, consisting of seven members, elected at large in the community college district on a nonpartisan basis. Elected members retain positions for 6-year terms. Less than 6-year terms may occur when a board position has been vacated prior to a full 6-year term of office. In this case, vacated seats are filled by designees appointed by the remaining Board members in office. Appointed members maintain their Board seats until the term of office expiration date of the previous elected member's position if the remaining term is less than 18 months. If the remaining term is 18 months or more, appointed members will hold the position until the next board election.

Public elections for regular board member positions are held at the end of each 6-year term. Newly elected members are publicly sworn in the following year at the January LCC Board of Trustees annual organizational meeting.

The next Board Election is in November 2024.

Information about the November 2024 election can be obtained from the Ingham County Clerks Office (517) 676-7255.

School Districts Included in the Lansing Community College District

  • Bath Community Schools
  • Leslie Public Schools*
  • Dansville Schools
  • Mason Public Schools
  • DeWitt Public Schools
  • Okemos Public Schools
  • East Lansing School District
  • Stockbridge Community Schools*
  • Grand Ledge Public Schools
  • Waverly Community Schools
  • Haslett Public Schools
  • Webberville Community Schools
  • Holt Public Schools
  • Williamston Community Schools
  • Lansing School District

*Only the portions of the Leslie Public Schools and the Stockbridge Community Schools located in Ingham or Livingston County are part of the Lansing Community College district.

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