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What is a Notary?

A Notary Public is a state-appointed official who administers oaths and serves as an impartial witness when important documents are signed.

Since people have documents notarized to deter fraud, a Notary positively identifies each signer, and then makes sure the signer has entered into the agreement knowingly and willingly. To confirm that a document and its signatures are authentic, the Notary affixes his or her signature and official seal to it.

Some notaries public can perform more than general duties, oaths, acknowledgments, etc. Notaries that can assist with mortgage loan documents and have been certified by the National Notary Association are called "Signing Agents". Notaries that can assist with "out of state" and "out of country" documents will have an embossing seal in addition to the official stamping seal.

  • The Notary keeps current with the laws, practices and requirements of the office
  • The Notary thoroughly checks the identification of the document signer and strives to keep all notarial acts confidential
  • Notaries are unbiased and may never personally benefit when performing their notarial duties
  • The Notary's seal upon a document validates that transaction's integrity in the eyes of the law
Notaries Available on Campus

A list of notaries public available on campus may be found in the LCC phone directory under the heading "Notaries Public." Notaries also generally are available in banks, credit unions, and law offices.

Below is a list of notaries public available within the college for notarization. Employees and students must bring along a form of picture ID and should call ahead to be sure the person will be available.

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**NNA is the National Notary Association. The Association not only educates Notaries on their critical duties and assists state officials in setting rules for Notaries; it also provides information to the public on the Notary's important role through such vehicles as the PDF File What Is A Notary Public? brochure. The brochure is distributed by the hundreds of thousands. NNA experts are in constant demand in business and government as speakers, consultants and expert witnesses.

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