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The METC Radiologic Technology Bridge Program is offered to members of the United States military who have completed training in Radiologic Technology at the Military Education Training Campus (METC) in Fort Sam Houston, Texas. It is a transfer agreement between the METC Campus and Lansing Community College (LCC).

This program offers the opportunity for active military or veterans in Radiologic Technology to complete an associate degree at LCC as a requirement to qualify to take the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists Registry Exam in Radiography. If you are not a veteran and wish to learn more about the Radiologic Technology Program at LCC, please see the Radiologic Technology Page.

Program Details:

  • Upon verification of eligibility, active military or veterans will be granted 51 credits for their coursework in Radiologic Technology at the METC campus.
  • To earn an associate degree at LCC, 15 credits must be taken at LCC, either online or in-person – the 15 credits can be completed entirely online.
  • LCC requires the courses fulfilling the 15 credit requirement to be completed in five core areas as a requirement for graduation. These five areas are: communication, global perspectives and diversity, mathematics and writing.
  • The science core requirement for LCC graduation is automatically waived (no science credits need to be taken).
  • Five courses must be completed from the Mandatory Courses list below for a total of 15-17 credits. Any transfer credit does not satisfy the minimum 15 credits required to grant a degree. Courses marked with a single asterisk (*) are courses that can be completed online.

To apply, click on the Application Process tab. For questions about the Radiologic Technology Program, please contact the Radiologic Technology Program Director Jamia Dunckel at For questions regarding VA benefits, please contact the LCC Veterans Coordinator Kyle Jakob at

  • METC Radiologic Technologist Program - Allied Health, AAS

    Joint Service Transcript Program Number:

    Air Force: L5AQJ4R031 01AA Diagnostic Imaging Apprentice (Phase 1)
    Army: 313-68P10 Radiologist Specialist (Phase 1)
    Navy: B-313-0126 Advanced Radiographer (Phase 1)

    METC Course Dates: Start date: January, 2017 - End date: February 1, 2021 METC courses completed prior to the above date must be submitted to Lansing Community College’s Radiologic Technology Program Director for review of course credit transfer

    Credits Granted

    Didactic Courses

    METC Name

    METC Title


    RAD 101 Introduction to Radiology 3
    BMO 101 A Base Medical Orientation
    PHYS 101 Radiation Physics 6
    QMGT 101 Principles of Quality Management
    RAD 102 Imaging Equipment
    RAD 103 Radiographic Procedures of the Upper & Lower Extremities 14
    RAD 105 Radiographic Procedures of the Skull and Spine
    RAD 106 Radiographic Procedures of the Bony Thorax and Abdomen
    RAD 107 Radiographic Procedures of Gastrointestinal & Genitourinary Systems
    RAD 108 Radiographic Procedures of the Nervous and Circulatory Systems
    RAD 104 Radiation Protection 2
    BIOL 110 Radiation Biology
    RAD 202 Patient Care 4
    RAD 210 Certification Prep 2
      TOTAL 31


    METC Name

    METC Title


      USA Clinicals (Army) 20  
      USN Clinicals (Navy) 20
      USAF Clinicals (Air Force) 20
      TOTALS 20


    METC Name

    METC Title


    BIOL 101 Anatomy & Physiology - Needed for Science Core exception 0
      TOTALS 51

    Total Transfer Credits Granted: 51 Credit Hours

  • Mandatory Courses Required to Graduate

    Lansing Community College (LCC) requires a minimum of 15 semester credits to be earned toward the curriculum to be completed at LCC via online or face-to-face courses to award an associate degree. LCC also requires courses to be completed in five (5) Core areas to fulfill the requirements for graduation with an associate degree. These five (5) areas are: Communication, Global Perspectives and Diversity, Mathematics, Science, and Writing. This transfer agreement of the 51 credits awarded include the satisfaction of the Science Core requirement. The METC bridge student will need to complete four (4) courses from the following for a total of 15-17 credits. Any transfer credit does not satisfy the minimum 15 credits required to grant a degree.

    To fulfill Core requirement, students must pick one course from each core category. Core courses listed below are recommendations. Course with and (*) are offered on-line. Visit the General Education Core Requirements page for a complete list of Core courses.

    General Education Core Courses




    Communication Core--Pick one:
    COMM 110 Oral Communication in the Workplace 3
    COMM 120 *Dynamic of Communication 3
    COMM 130 Fundamentals of Public Speaking 3
    Global Perspectives and Diversity Core--Pick one:
    ANTH 271 Medical Anthropology 3
    SOCL 120 *Introduction to Sociology 4
    Mathematics Core
    MATH 119 *Mathematics-Applications for Living ** 4
    Science Core - is satisfied by the 51 credit transfer agreement
    Writing Core--pick one:
    ENGL 121 *Composition I 4
    ENGL 122 *Composition II 4
    ENGL 131 Honors Composition I 4
    ENGL 132 Honors Composition II 4
      Total credits: 14-15
    If a student has not reached 15 LCC credits, the following courses are suggested to satisfy requirements.
    PFFT 109 Introduction to Fitness 1
    PFHW 163 *Healthy Lifestyles 2
    Or choose courses from Option B on the Allied Heath, AAS Curriculum Pathway found on 1814.pdf
      Total credits: 15-17

    **MATH 120 or above (121, 122, 126, 130, 141, 151, 152, 161, 162, 201, 202, 253, 254, and 260) and STAT 170 and 215 implicitly demonstrate proficiency and therefore satisfy the Core area requirement.

    Minimum Number of Transfer Credits Accepted: 51

    Will Consider Other Military Courses for Credit: Yes, via Joint Service Transcript (JST) or Community College of the Air Force Transcript (CCAF)

    Will Consider Credit from Other Institutions: Transfer Credit from other Colleges/Universities may also be accepted for General Education (or ‘Core Requirement’) courses only. Any Radiologic Technology course(s) completed outside of METC coursework is not eligible for transfer credit.

    Medical or Supervisory Courses for Which Credits Can be Awarded from Competency Based Assessment? No.

    Can Courses be Taken any Semester or Term or are Enrollees Required to Start and Finish Mandatory Courses During a Given Period or Track Record I.E. Annual Start Date? Students can begin or enroll at the start of any semester (Fall, Spring, Summer).

    Effective Date: Fall 2019

  • METC Rad Tech Bridge Program Process

    The student applicant is required to follow this process:
    1. Step 1 Icon Submit an LCC college application.
      • You will need to provide official transcripts, military and non-military, to the college directly. These transcripts must demonstrate completion of military Radiologic Technology programs. LCC will need to analyze your transcripts. This process may take up to two weeks. Information regarding obtaining military transcript can be found at the LCC Veteran's Resource Center. Be sure that you indicate your military status in your LCC application so that you are billed correctly for your courses.
    2. Step 2 Icon Register with the Radiologic Technology Program Director:
      • No later than 30 days prior to your intended start date at LCC, submit a METC Rad Tech Bridge Program registration form. This information will be sent to the Radiologic Technology Program Director.
        • Be sure to include with your METC Rad Tech Bridge Program registration documentation of the completion or anticipated completion of the METC Rad Tech Program. This documentation can be an unofficial copy of your military transcript.
        • Your registration will be reviewed and you will need to be cleared by the Radiologic Technology Program Director prior to registering for courses. You will receive an email from the Program Director when you have been cleared to proceed.
    3. Step 3 Icon Provide documentation for to determine placement levels for courses.
      • Students are required to establish Reading, Writing, and Math levels for placement into most college courses. There are multiple options for establishing placement levels. Placement testing is typically done only if levels cannot be established from the methods below.
        • SAT/ACT
        • HS GPA
        • ASVAB-AFQT scores
        • Previous College coursework
        • AP and CLEP
      • Documentation to waive placement tests can be submitted at our Waiver Information page. Information on placement testing, including options to test at an off-campus (non-LCC) location can be found by visiting our Testing Services webpage.

        Please contact Testing Services at 517-267-5500 if you have additional questions on establishing your placement levels.
    4. Step 4 Icon Register for your courses!
    5. Step 5 Icon Apply for graduation when you have completed your courses:
      • You must apply for graduation the semester you plan to graduate!
        • March 15 - Last day to apply for Spring semester degrees and certificates.
        • July 15 - Last day to apply for Summer semester degrees and certificates.
        • November 15 - Last day to apply for Fall semester degrees and certificates.
    6. If you have any questions about the Radiologic Technology Program, please contact the Radiologic Technology Program Director Jamia Dunckel at For questions regarding VA benefits, please contact the LCC Veterans Coordinator Kyle Jakob at

    7. METC Registration Form
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