Lansing Community College
Due to the coronavirus outbreak, the Spring 2020 Art Awards will be delayed. Please check back for updates.

Submit your work for consideration in the LCC Foundation's 2020 Art Awards! Your excellent work will be eligible for the Eric Zimmerman Visual Arts Fund prizes, the Nicolas V. Sanchez Scholarship or the Lance (Schade) Earhart and Victoria Earhart Scholarship! You could win one of two $1,000 scholarships or one of four $400 purchase awards, and have your artistic vision assessed by community professionals.

Entry Rules

  • All applicants must be complete an online application by 11:59 pm, Sunday, April 12, 2020.
  • One piece of physical art must be submitted to the LCC Foundation Office on Wednesday, April 15, between 10:00am to 4:00pm.
    • LCC Foundation Office is located in Washington Court Place, Suite 201.
  • Work not selected must be picked up in the LCC Foundation Office on Friday, April 17, between 10:00am to 4:00pm.

Submission Information:

  • Open to currently enrolled in LCC students.
  • One entry per student.
    • Sanchez and Schade Earhart scholarships require submission of one physical piece and a portfolio containing at least 5 pieces. Portfolios must be submitted electronically.
    • Zimmerman award only requires one physical submission.
  • Mediums: printmaking, drawings, computer graphics, painting, textiles, mixed media, photography, and sculpture.
  • Content of the artwork shall avoid the liabilities of: libel, obscenity, invasion of privacy, and incitement of disorder, violence, and the normal operation of the College.
  • Selection committee reserves the right not to select any entries. All decisions of the selection committee are final.
  • All artwork selected for purchase becomes the property of Lansing Community College.
  • Committee reserves the right to mat and frame artwork upon purchase.
  • All entries must be the original work of the student.

Art Preparation Information

  • Maximum size: 8'x8' or 64 square feet
  • Paintings and sculpture may be submitted as is. All other 2D flat work must be mounted on a solid backing board (Matboard, Bristol board) with an acetate-wrapped cover.
  • No wet paintings will be accepted.
  • All paintings and large constructions must be equipped with braided picture wire and screw eyes.
  • Textured work cannot have projections greater than 3 inches.

All entries must be clean and neat - no tears, smudges, ragged edges, etc.

Scholarships and Awards Available

Eric Zimmerman Visual Art Fund

In honor of Eric Hardy Zimmerman, the Eric Zimmerman Visual Arts Fund enables the purchase of student artwork to be displayed in public and commons areas on the campus of Lansing Community College. Eric Zimmerman graduated from East Lansing High School in 1967 and received his BFA and MFA from the University of Michigan.

This is a purchase award with up to four $400 awards available. Purchased art will be displayed on LCC's campus.

Nicolas V. Sanchez Scholarship

Nicolas V. Sanchez is an alumnus of Lansing Community College and the LUCERO program. He has been selected for artist residencies in China, Dominican Republic, and Venice and has been featured in VOGUE Italia, Vanity Fair, New York Magazine, Drawing Magazine, and Fine Art Connoisseur. Sanchez has been in solo and group exhibitions in New York, China, and Italy including an exhibition in Venice during the 2015 Venice Biennale.

Mr. Sanchez wishes to support talented and ambitious art students at LCC with a $1,000 scholarship and an opportunity to enter into a mentorship with him.

Lance (Schade) Earhart and Victoria Earhart Scholarship

This scholarship honors the memory of visionary educator Lance Schade Earhart, who taught for 25 years in the Lansing Public Schools, who was also an extraordinary artist and lifelong student. Bruce and Kristin Mackley established the scholarship in recognition of the role Lance played in both the life of Bruce and also countless other students.

This scholarship is awarded to art students at LCC for $1,000.

Previous Zimmerman Award Winners

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The Visitor

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She is the Sunlight

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Red Halo

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Kalle Pasch, 2016

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The Bus

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Parallel - Art Awards Previous Winners
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Irina Balyan, 2017

Transformation - Art Awards Previous Winners
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Wesley Wood, 2017

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Riding the Bus - Art Awards Previous Winners
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Riding the Bus

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Hemlock - Art Awards Previous Winners
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Moonlit Woods - Art Awards Previous Winners
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Moonlit Woods

Rebeccah Hosler, 2019

Wild West Sketch - Art Awards Previous Winners
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Wild West Sketch

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Distant Lanscape - Art Awards Previous Winners
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Distant Lanscape

April Vanderslice, 2019