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CTE Credit-By-Exam provides an opportunity for eligible high school students to earn free college TR (transfer) credit from Career and Technical Education courses they successfully completed in high school. High school students in grades 9th through 12th are eligible to participate in the HS CTE Credit-by-Examination process based on the following:

  • Students must apply and be admitted to LCC, activated their LCC student account, submit the CTE Credit-By-Exam Student Application, and intend to study corresponding program of study
  • Students must have successfully completed the high school course(s) within 6 months of applying for CTE Credit-By-Exam
  • The course(s) requested must be part of CTE Credit-By-Exam Umbrella Agreement between high school or career center and LCC
  • Students must pass the CTE Credit-by-Examination at an 80% or higher

Steps for Success

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    Apply to LCC

    Apply online or visit the StarZone to meet with our admissions team to receive in-person assistance with the application. You will need:

    • Your Permanent Address
    • Contact Information
    • Education History
    • Intended Program of Study
    • Social Security Number (Note: This is required for Financial Aid)

    Apply Now

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    Activate Your Account

    Now that you're in, activate your LCC account to get access to your email and important information from the College.

    To activate your account, you will need the LCC Student ID number you received after you applied.

    Activate Your Account

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    Fill Out and Submit the CTE Credit-By-Exam Student Application

    High school students are required to complete and submit the CTE Credit-By-Exam Student Application. This is a Dynamic Form and will require students to sign-in with their LCC username and password.

    Once the student completes and submits the application the following actions will be set in motion:

    1. 1. K12 Operations reviews the application making sure the following requirements are met:
      • Courses requested are part of CTE Credit-By-Exam Umbrella Agreement between high school or career center and LCC
      • Student has successfully completed the high school course(s) within 6 months of receiving application (based on CTE Credit-By-Exam Secondary Partner Form that is filled out by the secondary school district official and submitted to K12 Operations)
      • No more than 16 credits are listed (credits are limited to a max of 16 credits)
    2. 2. LCC's K12 Operations notifies student of approval or rejection
      • If the application is approved, the appropriate LCC Academic Department will contact the student to set-up day/time/location for students to take the LCC assessment(s) session
    3. 3. Once the student completes the LCC assessment(s):
      • If student passes exam at an 80% or higher:
        • Registrar's Office awards the transfer (TR) credit
        • K12 Operations notifies student once credit is awarded
      • If student does not pass exam at an 80% or higher:
        • K12 Operations notifies student that credit will not be awarded

    Please Note: Transfer (TR) Credit means that you transferred the credit you earned in high school to LCC. This credit does not always transfer again from LCC to other colleges/universities. This credit is intended to be used as free credit from your High School or Career Center, towards a Degree or Certificate at Lansing Community College. Please check out the many Programs available for you here at LCC. Once you finish your degree or certificate, this credit has a higher chance of transferring on to another higher education institution.

    CTE Credit-By-Exam Application

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