Lansing Community College

The Brand Standards Guide introduces you to the college identity, what it means and how to use it properly in communication materials.

Lansing Community College

Each of us shapes and shares the Lansing Community College story.

At LCC, our mission guides our purpose. We are educators and community leaders, dedicated to providing high-quality education and enrichment opportunities to benefit our community. Since our founding, LCC has encouraged students to value their worth, investigate new ideas and pursue their passions.

A common identity reinforces our mission. The purpose of these guidelines is to ensure that as we tell our individual departmental stories, a recognizable, collective LCC story is revealed, advancing LCC's reputation for excellence.

These guidelines were developed to aid members of the LCC community as they communicate on behalf of the college, while offering flexibility for departments and programs to tell their own stories. As you create and communicate via brochures, posters, flyers, signage, emails, social media and more, these guidelines will help you connect your story to the collective LCC identity.

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