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Our quality of life in the United States is dependent upon our citizens understanding our political system. With understanding comes our ability to participate and keep democracy and freedom alive in the United States. Citizens are the lifeblood of any democracy.

Today, because of our global connection with other political systems, we must also understand other types of political systems.

Courses in Political Science lead not only to good citizenship and enhanced democracy, courses may also lead to professional careers in areas such as teaching, law, civil service, journalism, social research or becoming an elected official.

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Political Scientists find career opportunities in:
  • Non-profit organizations engaged in education, philanthropy, social and community services.
  • Public service in legislative, executive and judicial agencies at the national, state and local levels of government
  • For-profit enterprises in large and small businesses, finance, technology consulting and communications.
  • Education through teaching at K-12 schools, colleges and universities



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