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Math Exam Prep Parties have been moved to an online format. Please contact your instructor via D2L for access.

Find your class in the list of calendar dates below for meeting information. Parties are available in synchronous (real-time) via WebEx or asynchronous (pre-recorded video) formats.

Synchronous (Real-time Math Exam Prep Parties):

Mar Wed 03
Mar Wed 03
Mar Thu 04
Mar Fri 05
Mar Fri 05
Mar Mon 15
Mar Wed 17
Mar Wed 24
Mar Wed 31
Apr Wed 07
Apr Wed 07
Apr Thu 08
Apr Fri 09
Apr Fri 09
Apr Sat 10
Full Calendar


If you cannot participate in the synchronous online exam prep parties, you can watch these pre-recorded videos. These videos are available in D2L shells; you can self-enroll.


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