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Bids and Proposals for the current year from July 1, 2020 - June 30, 2021.

Please see the Status column for bids and proposals. Definitions are shown below:

  • Open - Vendors may submit a bid or proposal.
  • Evaluating - Bid or proposals received and evaluation stage. 
  • Awarded - Vendors in 'bold' received award.
  • Closed - Unawarded bid or proposal.

Open bids/proposals are available on Bid 4 Michigan. Please go to Bid 4 Michigan download at your convenience. New companies will need to complete the online registration process before accessing bid/proposal specifications.

Bid Number/Description


Bids Received From Vendors

Dollar Amount

50201-1046-20EL - Bid Package 3 - Lot S23 Surface Lot Reconstruction


Leavitt & Starck

Capital Asphalt

Swan Electric




50201-1047-20EL - New Ramp Bid Package 1R - Gannon Parking Deck Precast Concrete Awarded Kerkstra $12,373,400
50201-1048-20EL - New Parking Garage Bid Package 4 - Gannon Electrical Vault Awarded Leavitt & Starck; Spec Metal Fab; Nielsen Const.; DSI; Niles; Limbach; J Ranck Electric; Schneider; Mich CAT Awarded total: $1,926,743
50201-1049-20EL - West Campus - Welding Ventilation Controls - VFD's Awarded

Graybar Electric Co

Kendall Electric

Standard Electric

50201-1050-20EL - Gannon Building (GB)-Interior Signage Renumbering  Awarded

Foresight Supersign

Visual Entities Inc.

405300-1052-20BV - Ambulatory Power Cot Awarded


50201-1054-20EL - Mason Aviation Generator Installation  Evaluating    
405300-1055-20AW - Modular Skills Trainer



Laerdal Medical Corporatio

CPR Savers and First Aid Supply LLC 

Medco Supply Company 

Bound Tree Medical

50201-1056-20EL - Gannon Parking Ramp Bid Pkg 5 - Demo, Earthwork, Concrete, Deep Foundations, and Elevator Evaluating    
405300-1058-20AW - CPR Infant Manikins  Awarded

Life-Assist, Inc.

CPR Savers and First Aid Supply LLC

School Health Corporation

Medco Supply Company

Laerdal Medical Corporation

LotusUSA, Inc

405300-1059-20BV - Chest Compression System Awarded

CPR Savers and First Aid Supply LLC 

HeartSafe America, Inc.

LotusUSA, Inc

McKesson Medical Surgical Government Solution



30300-1060-20BV - CPR Mannequins and Accessories Awarded

Life-Assist, Inc.

Bound Tree Medical

CPR Savers and First Aid Supply LLC

School Health Corporation

RTM Supplies

Medco Supply Company

Airgas US LLC

40500-1061-20AW -Electroencephalogram (EEG) Machines  Evaluating    
406700-1062-20BV - Rental of Pressure Demand Self-Containing Breathing Apparatus and Turnout Gear Evaluating    
406700-1063-20BV - Complete 0.2 kW EMS Modular  Awarded Advanced Technologies Consultants, Inc. $64,569.00 
50201-1071-20EL - Gannon Parking Ramp Bid Pkg 6-MEP, Architectural Systems, Finishes Evaluating    
50201-1072-20EL- Gannon Parking Ramp-Bid Pkg 6 Re-Bid Metal Panels  Evaluating    
406700-1073-20BV-Academy Students Uniforms -rebid Open Due Date: 1/25/2021 by 5:00PM EST  
50201-1074-20EL-Gannon Parking Ramp Bid Pkg 5-Re-Bid-Elevator Only Evaluating    
407000-1075-21SG - DART Auditorium Communication Package Open Due Date: 2/9/2021 by 5:00PM EST  



Proposal Number/Description


Proposals Received From Vendors

Dollar Amount

30300-691-19BV - BCI Qualified - Independent Contractor (this is a vendor pool solicitation)


Due Date: 6/03/2022 by 5:00PM EST


12301-736-20BV - Interpreter Services (this is a vendor pool solicitation)


Due Date: 10/16/2023 by 5:00PM EST

12300-721-20BV-  Employee Assistance Program Awarded

Health Management Systems of America

FEI Behavioral Health, Inc.

50201-722-20EL - Campus Wide Painting Contractors Maintenance Services Awarded B & J Painting $195,000
50201-729-20EL - Downtown Campus Concrete Replacement Awarded  Moore Trosper Construction Company  $62,000
40015-731-20SG - Student Evaluation Solution Awarded Explorance  $149,985.00
20616-732-20AW - Athletic Uniforms & Footwear (this is a vendor pool solicitation)  Awarded

BSN Sports






20250-733-20AW - Remote Real-Time Caption Service Awarded

ACS, an Ai-Media Company

Karasch & Associates

Q&A Reporting, Inc.

Verbit, Inc.

50201-734-20EL -HHS Domestic Water Heater Replacement Awarded

Buist Electric

Gunthorpe Plumbing & Heating Inc.

Limbach Company LLC

Myers Plumbing & Heating Inc.





$74,685.00 plus contingency 

13400-737-20BV - Strategic Planning Consultant Awarded

Kennedy & Company

MGT of America Consulting, LLC

Morley Management Services LLC

Public Sector Consultants, Inc

The Hill Group, Inc.

Vanguard Public Affairs







50201-738-20EL- General Trades-HHS Laundry Room Renovations




50201-739-20EL- Electrical Services-HHS Laundry Rm Renovations




50201-740-20EL - Gannon Building-Corridor Renovations


50201-741-20EL - Campus-Wide Electrical Contractor Maintenance & Repair Services




405213-742-21AW- Diagnostic Medical Equipment Maintenance Services


Due Date: 2/2/2021 by 5:00PM EST

Washington Court Place Building Exterior

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