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Bids and Proposals for the current year from July 1, 2021 - June 30, 2022.

Please see the Status column for bids and proposals. Definitions are shown below:

  • Open - Vendors may submit a bid or proposal.
  • Evaluating - Bid or proposals received and evaluation stage. 
  • Awarded - Vendors in 'bold' received award.
  • Closed - Unawarded bid or proposal.

Open bids/proposals are available on Bid 4 Michigan. Please go to Bid 4 Michigan download at your convenience. New companies will need to complete the online registration process before accessing bid/proposal specifications.

Bid Number/Description


Bids Received From Vendors

Dollar Amount

50201-1077-21EL -Campus-Wide Roofing Contractor Maintenance Services Awarded

Bornor Restoration

CEI Michigan 

Duke Roofing

Royal Roofing

Superior Services RSH 






50201-1078-21EL- Campus-Wide Rubbish Removal & Recycling Services Awarded Granger Waste Services $290,000.00
50201-1079-21EL - Campus-Wide Parking Lots Restoration 2021 Awarded Asphalt Solutions Plus, LLC $95,297.18
50201-1080-21EL - Pest Control Services including Termite & Bed Bug Inspections Awarded

Rose Pest Solutions 

Griffin Pest Solutions 

Plunkett’s Pest SureShot

Pest Control LLC





50201-1085-21EL - Dart Auditorium-Generator Replacement-Equipment  Awarded

Buist Electric 

Hedrick Associates 

Michigan CAT

Wolverine Power Systems

No bid 




50201-1086-21EL - Campus Touch-Free Plumbing Fixture Upgrade-Material Procurement  Awarded

The Macomb Group


406313-1089-21BV - 3-Axis Auotpiolt System Trainer Awarded

Aerospace Industries dba Avotek

Aerotrain Corp.


406313-1090-21BV - Rubbable Allison 250 Turbine Engine Awarded

Aerospace Industries dba Avotek

Aerotrain Corp.


407640-1091-21AW - Black Box Lighting Package  Awarded 

B & H Foto & Electronics Corp


406215-1093-21BV - Press Brake, Dies and Tooling Package (rebid) Awarded 



407451-1094-21BV- Cove Projector Closed



406001-1095-21BV  - Fanuc IO Items and Replacement Grippers  Awared

Advanced Technologies Consultants, Inc.


406714-1096-21BV - Forcieble Entry Door Simulator with Tools Awarded

East Coast Rescue Solutions Braskey Products, LLC.



50201-1097-22EL  - Campus-Wide Parking Lots Restoration 2022 Evaluating



406316-1098-21BV - Hydraulic Training Board  Awarded

Hampden Engineering Corporation 

Holzberg Commu. Inc.                                    

IST Ohio, INC 





406001-1099-21BV  - Fanuc Collaborative Robot  Awarded

IST Ohio, INC 


406311-1100-21BV - Cutaways and Trainers  Awarded

NADA Scientific 

ConsuLab Education

406313-1101-22BV -Downdraft Table  Awarded DualDraw LLC $16,140


Proposal Number/Description


Proposals Received From Vendors

Dollar Amount

30300-691-19BV - BCI Qualified - Independent Contractor (this is a vendor pool solicitation)


Due Date: 6/30/2022 by 5:00PM EST

50201-748-21EL  - Campus-Wide HVAC Filtration Upgrades-Installation  Awarded Limbach Company $96,608.00
50201-749-21EL - Campus-Wide Touch-Free Plumbing Fixture Upgrade-Installation Awarded Limbach Company $209,973.00
50201-751-21EL - Gannon Building (GB)-Partial Roof Replacement-Section A  Awarded

Hoekstra Roofing

Lutz Roofing

National Roofing 

Schreiber Corp 

*Prices Include Base Bid w/Contingency





12111-753-21BV - Online Diversity, Inclusion and Bias Training  Awarded

EverFi, Inc

Multi-Training Systems 

Udemy, Inc 

60200-754-21SG - Veeam Cloud Connect Backup Repository Awarded




Virtual Systems

50201-755-21EL - Dart Auditorium-Generator Replacement-Installation Awarded

Centennial Electric LLC

J Ranck Electric

Moore Trosper

*Prices Include Base Bid w/Contingency




406000-757-21BV  - Metal Distributers Pool  Awarded Alro Steel  $60,000.00
40001-758-21SG - Plugin Developer Services Awarded

Thought Vectors


20610-759-21SG - Athletic Trainer  Awarded

Atheletico Management

NovaCare Rehab



405005-760-21AW - Database for Mental Health & Aging Progam Awarded Smart Homes $6,627.00
50201-761-21EL  West Campus-Motorcycle Storage Concrete Pad REBID Awarded

Moore Trosper 

*Price includes Base Bid w/Contingency

12301-763-21BV Temporary Employment Services  Awarded

Advanced Employment Services

Avacend Corporation

Beatty's Services, Inc.

COGENT Infotech Corporation

Creative Staffing, LLC

DatamanUSA, LLC


Info Way Solutions LLC

Infojini, Inc

InstantServe LLC

Kelly Services, Inc.

Moten Tate, Incorporated

Robert Half

SoftSages LLC

20610-764-21AW: Officiating Payment Services  Awarded Arbiter Pay $99,000.00
  Awarded MGT Consulting $69,000.00
13001-767-22SG: Consulting Services - Federal and Local Lobbyist Evaluating    
50201-768-22EL: Dart Auditorium-Replace Air Handling Units, House Lighting, Seats  Evaluating    
50201-769-22EL: Gannon Building-Air Handling Unit Replacements  Evaluating    
50201-770-22EL: Mason Aviation Center-Boiler Replacement Evaluating    
50201-779-22EL: DTC-Facilities Storage Building   Evaluating    
50201-781-22EL: Academic & Office Facility AOF Building-Heat Exchanger Replacement  Evaluating    
50201-772-22EL: Gannon Building (GB)-Cooling Tower & Holding Tanks Replacement Evaluating    
50201-776-22EL - West Campus-HVAC & RTU's Replacement  Open Due Date:  6/6/2022 by 5:00 PM EST  
50201-777-22EL - Technology & Learning Center-TLC IT Server Rm-HVAC System Upgrades Open Due Date: 5/23/2022 by 5:00 PM EST  
50201-780-22EL: Fish Aquarium Maintenance Services  Evaluating    
405212-782-22AW: Dental Hygiene Software System for Paperless Patient Intake  Evaluating    
50201-774-22EL :Technology & Learning Center (TLC)-Partial Roof Replacement Open Due Date: 6/1/2022 by 5:00PM EST  
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