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Apply for your Certificate of Completion & Graduation Ceremony

  1. Complete LCC's form titled Application for Certificate of Completion by March 15 for May graduations, and by November 15 for December graduations.
    1. You must complete Step #1 to officially earn a Certificate of Completion in Massage Therapy from Lansing Community College. We highly encourage completing this step at the time of graduation. Past curriculum eventually becomes outdated and cannot be used to earn certification in the future.
    2. If you are graduating with a cohort that you did not originally start with, you are responsible for selecting the correct catalog year on your application. An incorrect catalog year will cause the application to be denied. The steps to locate your catalog year are listed on the application.
    3. If you wish to walk in the college's annual graduation ceremony, follow the steps that will be sent to your student email address. For specific graduation requirements, refer to: Graduation Requirements, Certificates, and Degrees.

Steps to Obtain Your License

  1. Complete the LARA Certification of Massage Therapy Supervised Curriculum Form. This form will be given to you in class or emailed to you by the program Support Staff. This form must be filled out and returned to the college. (Former Graduates: Contact the HHS Division office to obtain this form: 517-483-1410 or
  2. Create an account with FSMTB which is the organization that offers the MBLEx. You can create your account here: MBLEx | Application (
    1. Apply to take the MBLEx. Once you have applied to take the MBLEx, FSMTB will contact the college to verify your education. This verification can take up to 3 business days. The status of your application and education verification can be found at the bottom of your FSMTB Examination Account: FSMTB Examination Account
  3. Create a MIPlus account with the State of Michigan (LARA). You can do this at In the blue "Licenses" box, find and click on "Health Professionals License". On the next page, find and click on "Massage Therapy". Finally, find and click on the "Apply Online" button. This will take you to a page with several video options. Scroll down to the video titled "Register Account with MIPlus" and watch this 3 minute video
    1. Complete the state license application. As of September 2020, there is a fee of $270 to apply. There is a 7 minute video titled "Apply for Your First License" to walk you through this process on the same page as the MIPlus account creation page. (Note that you will be applying for a license by exam, not endorsement or relicensure.)
  4. Request the LCC Registrar send your transcripts to State of Michigan (LARA). You are responsible for verifying that your transcript has been updated to reflect your Certificate of Completion in Massage Therapy before requesting that it is sent. Official transcripts must come directly from the registrar's office to the state. They are invalid if you, massage program staff, or anyone else handles them first. Visit the Requesting Official Transcripts webpage to request this. There is a small fee of $6.70. When it asks you where you would like the transcripts sent, you should select "Business" and use the following address:
    Bureau of Professional Licensing, PO Box 30670, Lansing, MI 48909
  5. Complete a Background Check. After the state receives your license application, they will send you information on how to complete a background check and an ID number to use. They will give you the local office address of where to go. There is a fee of approximately $65 for this. If you have had background checks for another Michigan health license, this requirement is waived. If you have had a background check for any other reason, you must still complete this separately for the state.

Important Notes

  • You may complete your state license application with State of MI (LARA) before they receive your MBLEx score. They will simply create a file for you and add the required documents to it as they arrive.
  • Once you have completed all of the above steps, you can track the status of your license application by visiting:
  • Once all your required documents are submitted, LARA says that you will receive your license in roughly 6 weeks
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