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What will students learn?

Students first learn about programming using the Python language. After completing this introductory class, students continue their study of computer programming by taking classes in VB.Net, Java, C#.NET, and ASP.NET. They can also take several Web development courses in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP/MySQL, and jQuery. There are also classes in SQL which is used with most databases today. Mobile application development in both Apple iOS and Google Android is also possible.

Most of these programming languages are object-oriented and are designed for use in the Windows, Web, or Mobile applications. The focus of the programming classes is in a business-related setting in which students will encounter in the Lansing area IT community after completing their program of study. These classes are also available for IT professionals desiring to expand or update their programming skills. Typically there are many job openings for programmers in and around the Lansing area.

What certificates and degrees can you get from LCC for a career in programming?

The CIT Programming program offers classes in several programming languages and environments. These classes may be used when fulfilling the requirements for the Computer Programmer/Analyst Certificate of Completion which leads into the Computer Programmer/Analyst Associate Degree.

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